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    Petco Announces New Nutrition Standards

    Exactly what azazel said. It’s nice that they did something but they still carry brands like Royal canin which I hate almost as much as friskies dry food. Hell it basically is friskies dry food minus the color additives. But if they got rid of all the foods I despise there’d be very little left...
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    Always hungry and will eat anything

    Purina is high carb which will run right through her, give her sugar spikes, and lead to diabetes down the road. Trying changing her to a high moisture high meat diet. It will keep her satiated longer and keep her leaner.
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    Variety in wet food?

    The healthier your cats gut is the easier you should be able to switch their foods. My cats get different textures proteins and brands of canned everyday. A different brand of kibble every bag. Have no issues
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    Just to clarify on raw

    If your just using random cuts etc and it isn’t balanced it shouldnt be more than 10% of thier diet. So basically considered a treat not actual food.
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    Merricks new formula canned cat food

    As everyone else said, allergies are typically to the protein in the food your allergic too. Not the fat or oil so it shouldn’t have any effect. There are also plenty of fish free foods on the market so if you need any of us to search for them just let us know I’m sure we’ll all be more than...
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    Terra the Cat demands to be fed early

    If you can’t add another feeding at least move the 4 pm feeding to 8-9 so she’s going less time without eating. You’d prob be hungry and mad about it after 16 hours too.
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    Preferring dry to wet?

    Kittens are growing at crazy rates so they need tons of food. How much canned do U feed? And what varieties? Canned foods can vary widely in calorie content so check and see if they’re getting enough food depending on the brands or flavors u feed. Typically it’s suggested to allow kittens to...
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    Tiki cat dry food

    Tiki dry is pretty low carb. I’d say it’s almost in line with dr elseys maybe a little higher carb but you your cats like it’s its infinitely better than blue.
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    18 Years Old! Huge Pee Puddles!

    Maybe u can give the rescue a call back and talk to the vet that did his blood work to explain what the numbers mean. My feral rescue pees softball sized pee balls in clumping litter at least once or twice a day. He gets dry and wet and really loves the wet and he drinks a lot of water on top of...
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    Teeth! Just Had A Shocking Conversation With My Vet!

    I work in the animal field and you would be disturbed at how many ppl give absolutely no crap about the animals they own. It’s quite distressing and I think why so many ppl end up getting burn out in the animal care industry. It really wears on your mind when you are an empathetic animal lover...
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    Best Dry Food? If Orijen's Bad Then Idk What's Good

    I’m not familiar with what all you have in your area, but orijen is pretty low carb for a dry food. That’s what you wanna look for if you’re feeding dry. Email some companies you’re interested in and see if they will share the carb content of their foods with you to get a good feel for how...
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    Fish Based Food

    The issue is mercury is dangerous for babies and pregnant women and even adult humans are not recommended to eat fish like tuna more than once or so a week because of heavy metals. It DOES matter. So I avoid it. I only eat fish in general once a week and it’s usually freshwater salmon or farm...
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    Cat Has A Poop In His Butt

    Does he have long hair? When I had my Maine coon mix I had to have his “underwear” area shaved once every 3-4 weeks to keep him tidy cus sometimes his poop would just catch in his long hair. Getting rid of lids on the boxes helped a lot but I still kept his area nice and tidy to help prevent it...
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    An Amazing Deal On High Quality Wet Catfood On Chewy Today

    Did they give any reason? Like package change or something?
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    An Amazing Deal On High Quality Wet Catfood On Chewy Today

    I hope they aren’t already discontinuing this