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    Something weird happened to me in the market today

    I'd just ask her how the lavendar sachet is working out, if she likes its potency/scent in her sock drawer or a similar innocent follow up so she knows you're aware and offer to sell her more if she likes the "trial sachet." Especially for friends that are good about trading off and...
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    New Kitten / Resident Cats' Litter Box

    My multitude of own and fosters have down well with at least 3 rooms in different corners of a home having 1-2 litterboxes each. Limits the fear/bullying near/in boxes, keeps cleaner, allows privacy, so we don't have a bout of cystitis or obstruction. For 3 cats I'd have a litterbox in 3 rooms...
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    3mo kitten with pneumonia - Praying for Survival!

    Of the kittens I've fostered so far this past year, 3 at different times needed supportive care, fluids, IV antibiotics, and syringe feeding within 3 days of taking home to foster from the shelter. They were all labeled "fever of unknown origin" and treated by 2 different vet hospitals'...
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    Post surgery

    The thing I'm always always asked is "does the incision appear clean, dry, closed, and flat, AND is he wearing THAT ECOLLAR?!" I've had some assume my recovering pet isn't wearing their e-collar when they see an incision irritated or sutures loose. Some can rub the e-collar against the incision...
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    Food help please

    3 vets in the last 5 years, and 2 surgical nurses and a nutrition tech have answered as long as I feed canned with meat source protein, and adding as much water as I can, such as 3oz water per 3oz canned fed, the cats can dilute their urine and acidify it enough to decrease struvite crystals...
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    Struvite Crystals.. help

    I haven't used s/d since 2003, but it was intended for short term use only due to it's high fat content, which my 2 cats gained a large amount of weight on, and the doctor didn't want to induce the other common stones, calcium oxalates, by maintaining them on s/d.  They were maintained on c/d...
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    Safe to skip the 12 week FRCP shot?

    Good ask - perhaps it has to be a smaller concentrated material, and fluids are dilute enough the immune system isn't triggered to show up and respond?  If I was still in the states I'd ask him, but alas...
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    Safe to skip the 12 week FRCP shot?

    Only killed vaccines have adjuvants. Review if your vet's vaccines they carry are live or modified live. Additionally, I have used cat specialists, certified in cat medicine and behavior, and they have said that about adjuvants since about 2003, but 2 years ago one of my vets came back from a...
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    Andie, diva aspiring to be McDowell ;]

    Yep, that is what I was thinking. My other tabby shorthair, Waffles, is definitely more like the other tabbies' coats I've had or seen. Andie is something else... too bad I never waste money on breed genetic testing. Hahaha!
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    Anyone with experience with Clavamox to treat a liver issue, or with Clavamox in general?

    My cats have always tolerated clavamox better than amoxicillin or "Amoxidrops" alone. The added drug in clavamox help limit stomach or intestinal side effects according to my various vets in the past. For infections, including respiratory, skin wounds, inner ear, and urinary it's been...
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    Tell the story of how your cat joined your family!

    Not for profit rescue organizations, inherited/legacy from deceased family, wandered up strays, and my own tendency every few years to fail as a foster. But, we succeed way more than we fail, or I'd need a mansion for cats! : O
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    Safe to skip the 12 week FRCP shot?

    Infectious viruses can cause kidney inflammation, but the vaccine is made to stimulate the immune system. That effect wears away by 3 to 4 weeks after injection, so it's "boosted" again, into 16 weeks age when the immune system is developed more. My vets have always explained that each boost...
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    Andie, diva aspiring to be McDowell ;]

    Andie has more than just a tabby shorthair look to me and many cat friends that visit. What do you think? I have only paid rescue adoption fees or no fees for all my cats over time. No breeder purchase or contract. I had a ragdoll and an oriental from rescue before, so she could be anything with...
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