It all started with Dany.

Danerys Clawgarian as (she is properly known) came into our lives in August of 2017 and life would never be the same. We started saving one kitty... then her three babies, and now four more through foster.

I’ve had three adoptions and one TNR to date, but we are just starting on this journey. I joined to find some advice on what to do with this very pregnant cat that refused to leave my home office and have ended up in the most incredible place. The last six months have been intense.
Two kittens didn’t make it.. one after birth and another feral baby due to massive birth defects. It tore out our hearts both times.

I’ve been the one that gets the late night call to come get a kitten. “We found it, but we can’t keep it.” Absolutely. Bring them here, I’ll take them.

I watched a cat I soon fell in love with bring babies into this world, something I thought I was not capable of handling in any form or fashion. It was beautiful. It was humbling. It was gross. Like, really bloody and gross. I’m so glad I was there, and that I convinced her the box was a better place than my lap to give birth upon.

We have spread joy to homes that will continue for years to come. There is nothing like kitten joy.. am I right?

As we continue down the rescue path I hope for many happy kitties in many happy homes. The universe spoke to me that day. Dany knew what she was doing. The universe has reached out a few times since, usually kitten in hand. All I have to say... is bring it. Absolutely. Bring them here. I’ll take them.
Feb 20, 1985 (Age: 35)
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