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    Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome??

    Oh my gosh, do you have any idea how often I think of our Fonzie??!! I have some sort of bond to him, I can't explain it but honestly he has never faded from my memory, and even though it's ben so long since hearing from you and how he was doing, I just knew he was a happy boy and knew he had a...
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    Will my cat be ok if his teeth are removed?

    He will be just fine, glad we were able to help put some of your worries behind you.
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    vaccine question(s)

    I meant to reply to the OP's comment/question as well regarding tracking viruses in to the house from outside. In case anyone is not aware, Panleuk virus is extremely hearty and stabile, and can/does live for 18 months on surfaces, fomites (anything that absorbs, clothing, towels, furniture...
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    Traeting FiV w/ FiP Thirsty Fountains protocol?

    You're very welcome!
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    Traeting FiV w/ FiP Thirsty Fountains protocol?

    My education on FIP came from the same vet mentioned in the article, Dr Niels Pederson as well as Dr Kate Hurley, also well known, both at UC Davis Vet School. I would say these 2 would be an excellent choice to contact in writing. Interesting thoughts movinintime!
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    vaccine question(s)

    Only certain vaccines are needed and only so often. Finally, long overdue, the US Dept of Agriculture changed what is needed from annually, to every 3 years, but that is still too much. Personally and in my rescue group, I stick to the series of 3 kitten vaccines, which is their CORE protection...
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    Cat death

    So sorry about your furbaby. I agree, it could be either, but it also could be a cat hating neighbor putting poison out. It might also be that he ate a mouse who had ingested D-con. Might consider an autopsy to determine cause if it will haunt you until you know what happened.
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    My cat is hungry but can't eat

    Meanwhile please feed him chicken or turkey baby food and/or canned pate food. Pate is also grain free which is good. One little trick is to sprinkle some Forti-Flora on the food. Hard to resist that. He clearly has pain when trying to chew the hard bites, and notice he goes for the tiny floor...
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    Second cat

    With females being bossy and not so big on companions, I would go for a male for starters. A 4-6 month old male already neutered is probably your best bet. Be aware that she will be showing him who's boss for about a month. He will show her submission to it by laying on his back when she swats...
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    Kitty wont eat on her own.

    Often times there will be 1 kitten who just isn't ready to transition and will hold out. Being the smallest and still so young I wouldn't be too worried, it's not convenient for you, I know, but best for the baby. If by 8 weeks this is still going on, you will need to do the tough love way and...
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    Pregnant Cat has the Flu but No Meds Allowed!

    I agree, keeping her nose as clear as possible is key here, as long as she can smell food she will continue eating and recover. A steamed up bathroom, little noses saline nasal spray used on babies too. Good luck!
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    3 day old kitten crying mysteriously

    Excellent news! Keep up the good work, you may very well be saving her little life. :cheerleader:
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    Feral Cat Spay

    Lesson learned, a cat stuck in a trap and gone through spay surgery wants out, period, transferring is never a good idea. Been there myself and had a feral cat break right through a window. Anyway, while its certainly something you want to avoid at all costs, cats who are trapped that are...
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    How long does it take for a Stomatitis ulcer in mouth to go away?

    If the vet hasn't dealt with stomatitis much, he/she may not be familiar with treatment so much. This is a good reason why, when a cat does get a full mouth extraction, the vets who have plenty of experience with it knows of the gradual progression and most importantly knows that even a tiny bit...
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    Cat and New Kitten Got Chronic Diarrhea

    Stop all foods, only give chicken or turkey baby food, you can mix in some white rice for weight, it will stay with them longer. But add a tablespoon of pure pumpkin to each of their baby foods. Its always a good idea to provide pediolyte clear when kitties have diarrhea to prevent dehydration...