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    3 day old kitten crying mysteriously

    Excellent news! Keep up the good work, you may very well be saving her little life. :cheerleader:
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    Feral Cat Spay

    Lesson learned, a cat stuck in a trap and gone through spay surgery wants out, period, transferring is never a good idea. Been there myself and had a feral cat break right through a window. Anyway, while its certainly something you want to avoid at all costs, cats who are trapped that are...
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    How long does it take for a Stomatitis ulcer in mouth to go away?

    If the vet hasn't dealt with stomatitis much, he/she may not be familiar with treatment so much. This is a good reason why, when a cat does get a full mouth extraction, the vets who have plenty of experience with it knows of the gradual progression and most importantly knows that even a tiny bit...
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    Cat and New Kitten Got Chronic Diarrhea

    Stop all foods, only give chicken or turkey baby food, you can mix in some white rice for weight, it will stay with them longer. But add a tablespoon of pure pumpkin to each of their baby foods. Its always a good idea to provide pediolyte clear when kitties have diarrhea to prevent dehydration...
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    How long does it take for a Stomatitis ulcer in mouth to go away?

    Yes they do heal, however it's not really possible to say how long it takes, it depends on how big/deep and how irritated or not it gets when eating. Hoping you are giving him canned/baby food turkey while it heals. Theyre mouth heals around the same speed as ours does, so you can have some...
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    Whether to bring in neighborhood stray cat

    Great advice so far. One thing that's important to mention is, whether the new owners of Spock will allow him outdoors at all, he MUST not get out and needs to be fully acclimated for at the very least 1 month. Otherwise he will try to go back to your home that he's familiar with and likely end...
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    3 day old kitten crying mysteriously

    Also want to mention that the best nipples are the lower, the bigger kits will push the smaller/weaker kits off of them since kittens choose and stick with their fave nipple, usually throughout their nursing until weaned. That would explain why baby is so frantic to eat. As long as kits have a...
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    Is my cat rejecting her kittens?

    At this early point it's best to have mom and kits in a quiet, out of the way spot without foot traffic and noise as much as possible a closet floor is great. When there is too much activity mom will not feel comfortable and stress, may even try moving them. There should only be 1 person...
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    My kitten is limping and doesn't put his paw down!

    Cats, even more so kittens have a way of healing their limbs, and fast! Unless there is something like glass in his paw pad, or an obviously swollen and warmer spot, paw or joint then give it a day or 2, he will wake up one morning and be all better. You will know if something is in his paw...
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    Skin tag/mole on my cat’s back??

    Yes, that is exactly what it is, a mole. Leave it alone, it should stay the same and not cause any issues at all. My Krissy ( in my avatar pic) has one on the side of her eye and one on her neck as well. Had them for years, no issues. That said if you do ever see it changing, getting pink...
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    Kitten with Swimmer's Syndrome - anyone know an expert willing to consult via video?

    How it happens is 1 tendon will not grow as long as it should, usually due to cramping quarters in untero. Need to start working these tendons right away, when newborn theyre so much more pliable but still not too late. Put baby on your lap and start massaging the legs with your thumb and first...
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    Seeking treats for cat with IBS & missing teeth

    I gave my Krissy who also had IBD freeze dried treats, called Pure Bites. Pure meat freeze dried bites and she loved them. Her novel protein was turkey so the treats were turkey too, you want to stay with the single protein for him.
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    At wits end with this cat, what do I do?!

    I'm thinking as I see another member has mentioned, that a low dose of prozac may be a good start here. Vet has already seen her, so it might simply take a phone chat to get a prescription for her. I wouldn't say it will always be needed, but certainly get her back on the right track and her...
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    Hiding Cat

    This is true, however I can't think of a more difficult spot than under the bed, especially one like mine, cornered so that takes care of one side and head, and the frame is big chunky wood type, so it doesn't Literally the worst spot for me. Twice a day, it won't take long before...
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    Hiding Cat

    She will surely go back under...... Glad you got her meds in her today!