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    Cat throwing up all and everything food for week;drinks water,still playing around some

    Try seeing if she will drink the broth of beef chicken ect if she will crush the pill put in the broth my 1 yr old cat would not touch her food and would refuse to eat it if it was not salmon type or fish type she would rather starve then eat any of the others she won’t eat dry food unless...
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    DESPERATE for help - night attacks

    I don’t know what a biscuit is for a cat I’m thinking like biscuits and gravy type of biscuits I would recommend not feeding him that though if it is that feed him cat food wet/dry but my kitten who is 3 months old does this in the middle of the night it’s normal not aggressive behavior he just...
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    Improving my relationship with my cat

    Get a tooth brush and start with that if you want to groom her and just do her head then work up from that sounds weird but it will work baby steps
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    Does your cat smell like poo here is some info

    I wanted to add that when he took a poo in his litter it had stunk so bad that you smelled it in every room! Even my other cat was offended, and tried to keep covering his poop like she was burying a dead body! lol but once his glands were expressed it was normal poo stink.
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    Does your cat smell like poo here is some info

    Hello parents of kitties!! I am here to share a little insight of stinky kitties! Couple days ago I took my 3 month old kitten to the vet because he smelled like poop constantly. And I’m talking about a heck of a smell. Like to describe it, it straight up smelled like he was carrying a pile of...
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    SOS vomiting thick saliva and hacks but nothing comes out

    Have you looked up reverse sneezing in cats if you haven’t go check it out on you tube my cat was doing it and I thought she was coughing this whole time but it was a sneeze 🤧 vet had showed me it when explaining and she also showed me what a asthma attack was as well yes cats do get asthma just...
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    Behavior of cats outdoors?

    It could be the people who hit the kitten stopped after seeing them and they picked up what kittens they seen and brought them home
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    Kitten losing fur around mouth

    Has your cat been excessively rubbing things with his face they have scent glands on their face like has anything new came into your home like a person or new pet stress will do that
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    My 3 1/2 month old kitten has lumps

    He had a ear infection was given antibiotic ear drops they started to disappear but now there are in different spots we go back in a month he had to go yesterday due to a stinky poop smell that would not go away turned out anal glands was full he had to have them expressed I’m like wow for a 3...
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    My 3 1/2 month old kitten has lumps

    So I called the vet hospital and asked what should I do should I worry and they wanted to see and feel it they said it probably not a bad thing but you never know so I go at 1 pm it’s a bit of a drive but it was the vet care with the best reviews crossing my fingers and if they do suspect...
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    Behavior of cats outdoors?

    Well cats who are outside tend to have a group of cats all staying in a group but have one what they say queen and usually they are all what you would say littermates could be all brothers and sisters or mother ect but it is not uncommon for some to not be littermates if they do decide to let a...
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    Behavior of cats outdoors?

    Feral cats are like people who were in bad relationships and someone comes in there life to love them but they wanna run for the hills takes a lot of time I mean a lot of time and attention and food to gain their trust eventually one day you will be sitting on your porch your stray will come...
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    Kitten losing fur around mouth

    What food are you feeding your kitten? there is a recall right now for certain cat food I forgot the name but idk if that may be the case or not but I have been using meow mix for years and fancy feast wet food which I just switched the wet food to friskeys due to my new kitten not being able to...
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    Cats sniff each others butts then attack each other?

    It’s not a weird question I’m sorry but I had to laugh because my older cat will sniff my kitten butt and then her mouth stays open with a *** face and it cracks me up every time because she will try to hold him down to clean his booty but cats have scent glands there it’s probably play fighting...
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    That medicine I take for acid reflux lol so cats get heartburn too learn something everyday