Cat family with 2 hoomans
Lydia 8 yr F Tuxedo
Light 11mo M -White fluffball
Light was adopted in May of 2017 from our local shelter and were seeking as much information on our kitty as possible.
What he know for fact so far
-All white coat with black smudge on forehead
-Long coat getting fluffier
-Medium frame, small head, long tail, weight is on point
-Eyes have not turned solid color yet
-Friendly, active & Smart!
-plays fetch, greets us at door
-Elegant and clumsy
-Plays in water, catnip & tissue paper
-Loves the other cat as much as she ignores him
Upstate New York
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
CatsInTuxedos /Instagram
WhiteLightYagami /Instagram
Cat Mom