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    Comment by 'cats and birds' in article '21 Dressed-up Cats That Will Make You Laugh This Halloween'

    LOL My Luna would love this (no I am not being sarcastic). She really does like stuff like this.
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    Comment by 'cats and birds' in article 'What Is Your Cat's Secret Name?'

    (Brownie) Governor Sassy Butterpaws (Luna) President Cheeky McAwkward (King Meowzy) Dean Yoda VonStrut
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    Cat Bellies Pictures - Picture of the Month for November 2014!

    This is Brownie just kicking back and relaxing.
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    Picture of the Month - Feral Cats - October 2014

    This cat is Mr. Meowzy, who was a stray but started to turn more feral as time went on.
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  8. Sleeping Kitties!

    Sleeping Kitties!

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    Sleeping Kitties!

    Here's a pic of one of my cats Luna having a snooze. She looks more brown in this photo than she really is in real life.
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