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    Sometimes it just works

    Wonderful news!
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    Knit hats are the best!
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    scandalously late Edition for Saturdays' Question of the day Sept. 24, 22

    I’m not sure I’d want to travel anywhere. I got my travelling done decades ago. But 5 million ... I’d love to be financially secure for the rest of my life. I don’t know that I’d even want to buy a house and largish block of land; that’s no guarantee of being free of the neighbours from hell, as...
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    I make jumpers (as in pullovers), cardigans and berets, almost all for me - I make stuff I want to wear. I also made the bedspread the lazy bums are lying on, and various blankets for them and my mum and me - which all turn out to be for them, of course. 😸
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    Question of the Day - Monday, September 26, 2022

    Phoebe has the same attitude - people coming into the house are there to pay attention to her, not do trivial things for other humans! Once someone sits on the folding chair that’s it, they will have a cat on their lap and they will be expected to provide scritches. Mostly they are happy to comply.
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    Question of the Day - Monday, September 26, 2022

    The only unexpected knocks at my door are people looking for a different unit, an occasional delivery driver (mostly they just dump and run 🙄) or when a homecare worker has been sent at a different time from usual and the agency has forgotten to let me know (has only happened once, they had...
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    It feels soft to work with - here’s hoping it proves soft to wear!
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    Foster failed a friend for my cat. They love each other and it's adorable.

    What an absolutely darling pair, I love seeing them cuddling up like that. Kudos to you for saving them!
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    Isn’t it just? It’s Patons Sierra DK, lovely stuff. With bonus catmere.
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    A Was An Apple Pie

    J - jingled it on her wrist
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    Oh, as in lazy bums! I was expecting photos of rear ends, lol - that’s what bums means here in Oz. Well, as for bums of the lazy variety who take up all the space ...
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    Is it possible to accurately guess how long any particular cat will live?

    Oldest cat I’ve had was Magnus, who lived to 22 despite being an indoor-outdoor cat who practically financed a new wing of our vet clinic with all his visits getting patched up after fights (he was 18 months old before he was neutered and imo never lost his tomcat habits - he was an aggro bugger...
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, September 25

    That’s like Daisy was when I bought one of those puzzle feeders that’s like a big tray with spikes. They’re supposed to hook the food out with their paws. Nope. She was all ”I can’t fit my face in there”. 😿
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    This, That, Or The Other?

    Spaghetti Cycling, walking or other
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    Where Did You Get Your Cats?

    She is! And the sweetest natured cat, too. (Not that the late Maddie agreed with that, lol.)