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    Happy Gotcha Day Emily, what a beautiful smile.
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    Does Feliway really work?

    Try some cat music on YT
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    HELP! cat always bites my feet and…

    If you want a good nights sleep you probably need to put her out of the bedroom. Cats love to play with feet under the covers.
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    Blocked Tom - Please Share a Message of Hope

    Hope he gets better soon, I just rushed one of my males to the vet for the same thing except he is not blocked vet thinks it’s stress
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    Black cat names

    I named one of mine Snowball :flail:
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    I need help rehoming sisters

    Hi @catmandon and welcome to TCS! They are adorable and I'm assuming not feral. What venues have you tried to find them homes? Are you able to take them to live in your new home?
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    Happy Birthday, Sterling !!!
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    . I was just telling my husband that I’m not sure if this is their momma because of all the strange things and she doesn’t act motherly to them. I haven’t found any kitten poop either but it may be on the floor somewhere. They are supposed to be going to the small rescue tomorrow evening so...
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    . I’m told these are her kittens. A person in my town said their neighbor moved away and left her in an empty house. She had 3 but one died. They took her in and they could barely afford to feed her so they’ve been eating probably a variety since some ppl in the community donated food. So...
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    . She’s not nursing and her teats are flat and dry
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    So I took a momma and two 4-5 week old kittens and they will be going to a small rescue. My question is momma pregnant and questimate how far along??!?? Look at those beautiful eyes the camera doesn’t do them justice
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    Question of The Day. Sunday 5th of September.

    No, I don't really believe in luck.
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    One has to go--carbs!

    Why do we have to choose? ;) I love rice even though I don't eat it often. I just cannot choose although I did go without bread for a while but then how do I eat a BLT :flail: