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    How to feed kitten after neuter?

    Oooooh big boy! Haha yeah I'm really curious how big he'll get! I don't know anything about either of his parents so it'll be a total surprise! Is that your two in your signature? They're so, so adorable!!!!
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    How to feed kitten after neuter?

    Okay cool, thank you! And yeah, he sure does that!! Plops right down next to me every afternoon and cleans it all, inside and out. The little guy has no shame, doesn't even face away from me! 😂
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    How to feed kitten after neuter?

    Hahaha too funny!! I'm really hoping he puts on a performance like your girl did, that's hilarious! I'll see if I can get one of those rings and keep my camera ready lol
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    How to feed kitten after neuter?

    Thanks!! Did they happen to recommend a cone for your boy? I've been reading that often cones aren't necessary for boys, but my boy is quite fastidious in his cleaning and he does clean himself down there every single day, at least once, so I wonder if he may need one?
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    How to feed kitten after neuter?

    Thank you, it's good to have an idea how long he should be fed this way! I'll keep feeding him as we have been! It seemed so counter-intuitive to suddenly drop his intake; he's been increasing up to this point, my 2-case shipments have been disappearing much more quickly lately!
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    How to feed kitten after neuter?

    Thank you, I'll keep feeding him as I have been! He gets mainly wet food already, he has dry out at all times but he only munches on it here and there; his diet is basically all wet, and he's been on kitten formulations the whole time :)
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    Krista's Care

    I am so sorry to hear about Krista. I've been quiet, but I've read through most of this thread, and I mean you've done everything you could. Krista reminds me so much of my Kayla, who passed away back in October. Always a fighter, such a fighter, but so sweet with her people. I know you go...
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    How to feed kitten after neuter?

    Good morning everyone! I've dropped my little guy off at the vet for his neuter, he should be coming home in a few hours! I will ask the vet this same question when I pick him up, but it is a curbside service and I don't actually interact with the vet, only an employee who brings the animals...
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    Comment by 'catheetiem' in media '924F4019-7835-4360-9C38-AC8BA629910A.jpeg'

    Yes they're slowly changing! He's got a little blue left around the edges but they're mostly a greeny-hazel color now.
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    Comment by 'catheetiem' in media '924F4019-7835-4360-9C38-AC8BA629910A.jpeg'

    Aaah alrighty. I just ask because it kinda looked like her and my guy are about the same age (15/16 weeks), he too all of a sudden looks so grown up, it's hard to believe my eyes!
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    little guy loves to chew on books?!
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    in the middle of some crazies
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    15/16 weeks!
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    looking like he didn't just make a big poopy mess that i spent 20 minutes cleaning up
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