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    My 11 year old cat died yesterday

    The last thing you did was something special, kind and loving and your cat knows this! You were feeding your baby because she was sick and you were trying to keep her alive. That's a loving, caring gesture and should be cherished. Don't let your mind trick you. Everyone regrets final moments and...
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    Dealing with feelings of guilt and questioning my choice- please help :(

    You did the right thing. Your cat looked like death and was suffering g immensely. There was no coming back from that. No chance. No what ifs. What ifs are normal everyone does them. But from what you have said, absolutely no way anything could have been done and you helped end your cats...
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    Please tell me it gets better

    Hi there! It does get better. It takes a long time and everyone is different. You suffered a brutal, horrific, shattering and shocking loss. It was so sudden and horrific it would mess so many people up. No doubt a big shock to your system. I know how you feel. Not in the sense my cat was...
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    I lost my cat 4 days ago

    Well over a year on, almost a year and two months and I still regret it. I miss you boy, I love you heaps and think about you every day. No way I made the right decision, my mind went missing at the time. Just a complete 180 on what I was supposed to do. That's what happens when you have other...
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    My Bella killed by a car yesterday my heart is broken

    So cute. That's so sad what happened. Heart breaking
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    My Bella killed by a car yesterday my heart is broken

    Hi Katie, sorry for your loss. Yeah I know how bad it is, it's not just as animal . More like a soul mate, a child, best friend, brother/sister, companion all in one. I'm still hurt from over a year ago where I lost my boy. You will be happy again, it takes lots of time. Everyone is different...
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    Our Beautiful furry Daughter has passed from us...

    I'll say it again, 17 years! You are so lucky!!!! Xxoo
  8. C beautiful boy

    And I forgot to mention as messed up as it is the way you are feeling right now is normal. Non stop crying and days of not eating or doing anything is what happens to many of us after losing a baby.
  9. C beautiful boy

    Hi hkpettis. I'm very sorry for your loss, your cat, and the pain and devastation you are in right now. I know exactly the way you are feeling. It us a hell to be in. I'm just over 11 months on from my boys loss and it's still hurting me a lot and I can't believe the way it happened. The first...
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    Sad day in our house

    How are you doing Isolde? you can take comfort in knowing you did everything you could for your beloved baby and you gave her a good life. Let us know how you are and vent all you need to. peace!
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    Sad day in our house

    Sorry for your loss. I know the pain you feel, they are apart of us, we are apart of them. Rip poor baby
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    Wisner Mushrooom Noodle (yes, her name) is dying

    Very sorry although it's no consolation. Worst things in the world to happen. Pure hell.
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    I lost my cat 4 days ago

    Thanks meozart. It's been very hard as I've lost my best friend and soul mate and as you know I'm not happy with what I did at the end. It feels as though a curse has been put on me at times, punishing me, making me suffer. This week has been very painful and it happened last July.
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    I lost my cat 4 days ago

    Thanks dal. It's very hard as you know. I feel like a murderer. I don't feel I did what I was supposed to do and I failed him at a critical time. He had more time left. Thanks for your support.
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    I lost my cat 4 days ago

    I miss my boy so much. It feels like my life has ended. Why hasn't he come to see me in my dreams he knows how much I love him. It makes me think there is nothing after life. I know I sound like a lunatic but even something in my mind asks did the vet even put him down? Wouldn't surprise me if...