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    HELP! I'm New to FIV+ care!

    Was the diagnosis confirmed with either IFA test or quant pcr test? How old is he?
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    Pancreatitis Questions

    Have you had his folate/b12 levels tested? When was the last ultrasound done? What was checked? If he's in pain he will associate the litter box with pain so add a few more litter boxes with cat attract and start feeding only easy to digest wet food (no gums or carrageenan). You could try a...
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    Just a rant about poorly educated vets

    Actually dry food is harder for cats to digest as it is carb heavy and cats are not designed to eat carbs. That's why obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease is a major issue for cats right now. Yes they do more tests but they still offer crap food at a high price tag. No reason for it.
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    Best wet food for weight loss?

    How much are you feeding her a day? Stop any dry food and only feed wet food. Did the vet say what her ideal weight is? You should be feeding her based on how much she should weigh, not her current weight.
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    What color are these kittens?

    Well i'll be posting them until they get adopted lol. No sooner than 12 weeks old though. It will be interesting to see what they turn out to be. Never had any solid grey kittens with orange but its hard to say lol. I havent seen them in person though. I'm just the social media/behavioral...
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    My cat doesn't like high quality wet food

    You should bring your cat to the vet for an ultrasound. It could be IBD or GI lymphoma. If he does, he will need to be on medication. For IBD carrageenan/gum free wet food only is best. Raw is great as well. Fancy feast pate is one you could try. But if he's nausea he will not want to eat, or...
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    What color are these kittens?

    A new pic. You can see the brownish markings, the cream in between the brown markings and the grey on the legs/ears/tail.
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    What Color Is My Cat?

    Hmm he might be a silver smoke. Silvers can have the tarnished look. Mom looks to be a tortie smoke. Did the breeder not tell you the coloring?
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    abnormally short?

    Some cats are just not as tall as others. I have 3 cats who all 3 have different leg lengths. I would say your cat is overweight and does need a diet. That's probably why the legs look too small for the body to you :)
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    Is my kitten long or short haired?

    For sure a shortie :) his tail is thin and skinny, no thick fur just kitten fuzz.
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    What Color Is My Cat?

    Do you have pics of the parents?
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    Mama is getting adopted. How will the kittens deal with her gone?

    Is it possible to keep mom and babies together a bit longer? Kittens really should stay with mom until 12 weeks old but 10 weeks old would be fine. Is she and the kitten getting fixed?
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    Cats gum is lined red

    She has had mouth ulcers? Was she diagnosed with Feline calicivirus (FCV), Feline herpesvirus-1 (FHV-1),Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), or Feline leukemia virus (FeLV)? Or was it feline eosinophilic granuloma? It could be juvenile gingivitis. My boys had that and both did have to get a...
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    Acting hungry but not eating.

    Have you tried other food? Fancy feast pate is usually a hit. You can try heating up the wet food for 10 seconds to make it super stinky. Some weruva ones are stinky to. He will not want whatever he threw up on, you'll have to try different flavors or something else
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    I would like more opinions on the possible breed of my cat.

    He is stunning! I would say just a domestic short hair colorpoint. He might have some siamese in him but who knows how far back it is