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    Thinking about adopting a 4th..

    Yah the kitten is only 5 weeks old so not sure of the personality yet since he's still growing into it. I'm not worried about money as I do have pet insurance and money in the bank. But my parents and brother as well as the cats have to be on board. Looking at their personality of my cats a laid...
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    Thinking about adopting a 4th..

    I have 3 cats, two are brothers and 2 years old, the other is a one year old girl. Jetty loves other kitties and loves to play with them. He seems to have endless kitten energy lol. His brother Fynn is the boss cat, he's a big boy (in frame/stature not weight) and takes the longest to get used...
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    How to stop my deaf kitty, 8 mo old, from climbs my glass shelves and knocking off collector glassware and other items.

    How many cat trees do you have? I would add a tall cat tree near there so she has a "yes" item and may not wanna climb. Being deaf she is for sure more geared towards being a visual cat so seeing what's going on is important. So I would ensure lots of tall cat trees for her :)
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    Cat won't stop peeing outside the litter box... and on dog??

    Getting her spayed will help if it's spraying. Strange why are they so booked up? What food are you feeding her and how much a day? Have you added a 2nd litter box and tried cat attract litter?
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    Must I Force My Lady Cat To Love Her Teen Kittens?

    Try more play time with the kittens to burn off energy and adding more resources like cat trees, litter boxes so she feels more comfortable. She's probably just sick of them bothering her. Kittens could be playing too rough so it's her way of saying ow that hurt GO AWAY. How old is she do you...
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    What do you think?

    I'd say a ginger with white mackerel domestic short hair :) If his face is flatter he might have some persian or himalayan in him but wouldnt be that mix no, he's too short hair.
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    Anyone try Nutrience oral health? Does it work?

    I brush my 3 cats teeth but still battling gingivitis with them. Starting healthymouth now to see if it helps but was wondering if Nutrience oral health was any good? It's better quality than the vet food and dont know if the oral dental food actually helps or not? I'd prefer not to have to give...
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    What coloring do you think my kitten will be?

    Soooo yah she didnt change much haha. But she is one stunning torbie, she's different colorings depending on the lighting.
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    Tri-color cat? "Just" a brown tabby?

    Dad would have been a black/white cat to get black kittens I believe. The girl is a ginger because mom is a torbie so she took the orange from her and the white from dad. I do hope you spay mom :)
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    Kitten breed/description

    If she has 25% white on her she's a calico, if she doesnt she would be a tortie :)
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    Number of flirt poles?

    I find some get bored. Da bird is great and my cats love the necko flies. The package comes with 2 wands and I think 8 different attachments so might keep it interesting. Be sure to never leave them out either :)
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    Manx kittens chronic diarrhea?

    In the rescue I volunteer with we rescued some kittens from a very overrun farm (40+ cats/kittens). A few were manx kittens and all have horrible bottoms and required lots of care. Two are doing great, two still have some bum irritation, and 3 have serious chronic diarrhea and poop a ton (one...
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    3 month Male Kitten won't use Litterbox

    Cats are interesting creatures. My one boy has elevator butt (meaning he starts peeing squatted then moves upwards) with the high sided litterbox if its placed in the dining room. If its placed in the main litterbox room zero issues. If theres a low sided one in the dining room also no issues...
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    Help! Cat Peeing Outside of Litterbox

    How big are the litterboxes? uncovered and unlined? have you tried cat attract litter?
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    Do cats want more food as they age?

    Have you looked into at home vets? My first cat wasnt happy at the vets but could still get through it. But when she got super sick and had to be hospitalized it changed her. She would be so stressed in the car and at the vet so we had used an at home vet and that helped lessen her stress level...