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    Dental care (need as much help as possible!)

    The age of my cats are 23, 17, 10, two are 7 and two are 3. I adopted all of them when they were kittens. All of them chase a laser light, all of them eat well, use the litter box with accidents and they're all happy and healthy with clean teeth and gums. My vet has done a great job keeping...
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    Dental care (need as much help as possible!)

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    Dental care (need as much help as possible!)

    I put some peroxide in a small bowl and dip a q-tip in the peroxide, then rub it across the gum line. I started going that when my cats were just kittens, so they're used to it. It may take a while for kitties who are a little older to accept it.
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    Sweet Sandy crossed the bridge 4/17/2020

    I'm sorry for your loss. Just 3 weeks ago, my beautiful kitty, Snickers, went to the Rainbow bridge. I understand how sad it is and how much it hurts to lose a furbaby. I remembered seeing an animal communicator in a cat magazine I subscribe to. I contacted the woman and she gave me...
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    Is this... Dandruff!?

    Of the moist food you mentioned, Fancy Feast would be the best. I don't know if Chewy delivers to Mexico, but you can go on-line to get their phone number. It's a toll free number. If you have friends in the states, perhaps they can ship some moist food, of your choice, to...
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    And after you buy the humidifier and wet food, wet a paper towel and wipe the flakes of dried saliva off the cat
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    Coronavirus Hoarding - cat version

    I place an order with Chewy every month. It never occurred to me that people would hoard pet food like they are t.p. My last order took 5 days to ship and it always takes 5 days to get to me. I keep a supply of food for the kitties as I never know when I'll be snowed in, so it wasn't dire...
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    HOA demanding I stop feeding cats

    Is there a rule with the HOA that you can't leave your garage door open 6-7 inches?
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    HOA demanding I stop feeding cats

    People certainly can be jerks. It's not the fault of the cats, they are just trying to survive. I don't know if you read my post about all the cats roaming around my house when I moved to the country. In the 15 years I've lived here, I've trapped 77 and taken them to be spayed or...
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    We lost our boy, Philip. Remembering the past 3 years. This was not fair.

    It's more difficult to lose a pet because they rely on us to take care of them. We feel like we let them down when we can't heal their hurt or take away their pain. Humans have the ability to speak and drive themselves to a doctor for help. We have to know the habits of our cats to...
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    Unexpectedly Having to Feed Feral Cats in Neighborhood

    I moved to the country 15 years ago. I noticed when I was carrying boxes into my house, there were a lot of kitties running around. Talking to the realtor, I was told there are a lot of feral cats in my area. I set up feeding stations for them and when I got settled, I called the Humane...
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    Why is my cat so thin?

    It could be a thyroid problem, it could be worms and it could just be the metabolism. You may think the kitty is too thin, but if can be just the normal. A vet can tell you better than guessing.
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    Is this... Dandruff!?

    Just wet a paper towel and wipe it off. If you have a human comb with the teeth close together, you can comb it out too. All animals can have the same problems as humans. I feed my cats moist food, a premium dry food and have 3 water fountains for them. Most have the little flakes...
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    Great Article Dispelling Myth of the "Crazy Cat Lady"

    How can someone be considered crazy if they are giving a home to innocent kitties. :tabbycat::catlove::silver::lovecat4:
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    HOA demanding I stop feeding cats

    If I were told not to feed them on my porch, I'd move the food, water and their houses to the back yard where people can't see them. If they can't see them, they won't complain nor will the HOA. In the mean time, if you have a humane society close, call and ask if they have a low cost spay...