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    Losing Petey

    What a sweet tribute to your Petey. I notice(d) that when my cats were ill or in a lot of pain, they hide. I know it's difficult to understand when we are trying our best to comfort and be near them. It's just their nature because they feel so vulnerable at that time. It sounds like Petey had...
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    Should I have my long haired cat shaved?

    I got tired of the struggle of trying to keep the mats in check .  My cat  hates the furminator so I bought electric trimmers and plan on shaving them off this afternoon.  
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    My kitty, Punkin passed

    First of all, I'm sorry to read about your loss.  It is very frustrating to deal with cats that are sick and not understand what is going on.  It  is natural that your emotions were raw.  I think you have some very good advise.  Give the new kitty lots of space. Put food and water out and go...
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    "Old" Members

    Hi, everyone!  My crew (and I) are all seniors now     I need to figure out how to post current picture of them. Chris
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    RIP Lois (Halfpint)

    How sad.  :(
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    New kitten please help

    There is a great articles here on the site.  I plead with you to have the kitty checked out for FeLV before you let your other cats near him.  Kitties with FeLV cannot be in the same home with healthy cats unless they are kept in separate areas of the house.  Here is some information about FeLV...
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    Introducing: Sasha Yim

    Wait!  Isn't that Simba's spot?  LOL
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    Introducing: Sasha Yim

    She's gorgeous!
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    Can't seem to find a name for this kitten!

    I saw her and said "It's Prudence of course!"  LOL  I have no idea why. She's a cutie
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    Jamie - April 28, 1999 - March 1, 2013

    Tricia, I am so sorry to hear about Jamie.  I always looked forward to reading your posts about all the silly things your boy did.  You were blessed to have him in your life and he lived a life full of love thanks to both of you.  Sending hugs to you and your hubby. I know your hearts must be...
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    Forgive me Ichi

    I'm sorry about Ichi.  How tragic that this happened so quickly after the loss of Joji.  Sending you many hugs. 
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    June Picture of the Month - Cats Adopted from Shelters

    Here is my boy, Domino. I had just stopped in to pick up some toys at Petsmart that weekend and our local shelter had brought him in.  The poor guy had been sitting in a cage for more than five months.  I have no idea why no one adopted him.  He's the sweetest kitty. 
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    My Sweet Pixel is leaving me :'(

    I'm so sorry, Laureen.   You and Pixel are in my thoughts
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the site! So nice of you to take her in but I'm sorry she lost her kittens.