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    I need some sleep- HELP

    My cat did this what I did was if he was inside when I went to bed he was in for the night if he was outside when I went to bed then he was out for the night regardless of the fit he throws yours will eventually tire himself out and stop this but you have to be persistent and stand your ground...
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    My cat keeps peeing on my clothes

    My cat did this too I would leave clothes in the floor and he would pee on them. I just kept my clothes out of the floor and wouldent allow him to come in my room for a while now he comes into the room without going on anything.
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    Comment by 'callie37' in article 'How Much Does It Really Cost To Breed Cats?'

    I read in an article about dog breeding if there's any possibility that the dog might Get get something down the road such as blindness or if they are ill in any way not to breed them also if they have bad hip bones its also best not to breed I would think cats would also be very similar to this
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    how to help my cat with her jealousy problems

    I watched a stray cat that we feed umm well you know do his thing twice with my cat... by the time I had noticed it was too late to stop it both times I'm not the only one in my house and its not easy keeping the stray away when he comes in the house to eat and I'm the only one on board trying...
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    how to help my cat with her jealousy problems

    Well she's fine now acting her usual self she dosen't really break the skin because I pulled away from her during the bite she must have been really mad at something because later on when I was trying to sleep she bit my face Shes not a mean cat we have a really close bond she even sleeps above...
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    how to help my cat with her jealousy problems

    My female cat is very attached to me she stays indoors at all times We also have 2 male cats that are indoor/outdoor cats they stay outside mostly. I picked up one of the male cats and cradled him in my arms and started talking to him my cat seen that and It pissed her off When I put the...
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    will 2 female cats get along?

    Will 2 female cats get along especially if one is fixed? Is there an introduction process you have to go through first? And if they don't get along what can you do to resolve the issue
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    can a cat come in heat so soon?

    My female cat whos kittens have just passed away is in heat Is it normal for her to be in heat this soon her kittens weren't even fully grown when they passed just a few weeks old and they just passed a few days ago. I thought cats were supposed to not come in season for a while after coming...
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    kittens passing

    All 3 of these kittens passed weeks after birth all at the same time out of no where they go from healthy to rock bottom possibly a viral infection or genetics she originally had 4 kittens that one passed the day after birth at 5am I took no pictures of it to have to add on here It was extremely...
  10. kittens passing

    kittens passing

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    Saving Grace

    We don't have the money for an expensive vet bill we just through a horrible move my hands are pretty much tied here
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    Saving Grace

    I have this kitten the rest of her brothers and sisters have passed away I'm trying to save her from having the same tragic ending as her brothers and sisters she is only a few weeks old born last month She has a mouth full of teeth and is able to walk around It seems as if she's lost her spark...
  14. Saving Grace

    Saving Grace

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