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    The feets!

    Lulu with all four feet together.
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    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Too much sun on the bed lol!
  3. Lulu


  4. Attack of the killer mice

    Attack of the killer mice

    Look out Lulu they're gonna get you!
  5. Lulu having fun

    Lulu having fun

    I think she was getting a good back scratching!
  6. Lulu


    Having fun
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    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month - June 2020 - Glamourpuss!

    Lulu the glamour queen with her serious case of calitude!
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    Comment by 'calico man' in media 'New doo for Lulu'

    It's been three months since the shave and it's definitely getting longer!
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    Wave Your Paws In The Air Like You Don't Care

    No explanation needed...!
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    Help me determine cat! It looks like norwegian but face is like overgrown kitten with big eyes

    Domestic medium hair calico? She is definitely a beauty! Welcome and Lulu says have a safe and Happy Easter!
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    Happy Easter
  12. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    Lulu wishes everyone a safe and Happy Easter!
  13. Lulu and the Kleenex box.mp4

    Lulu and the Kleenex box.mp4

    With all this craziness going on we could use a little laugh so I hope Lulu gives you one. Be safe everybody!
  14. Lulu


    Lulu and the Kleenex box
  15. Lulu pre-shave

    Lulu pre-shave