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    opinions needed: re: best brand for LIGHTWEIGHT litter

    By the way, off-topic, but I know many of you here have dogs too. You might've heard of Kyle Kittleson, a dog whisperer, not as well-known as Cesar Milan from TV, but I interviewed Kyle. This is the transcript from that chat:
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    opinions needed: re: best brand for LIGHTWEIGHT litter

    Thank you all--- Yes, a lot of physically strong cat parents in TheCatSite. I love it
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    opinions needed: re: best brand for LIGHTWEIGHT litter

    Hi, I was reading an old thread that mentioned the "dustiness" of lightweight cat litter and one person mentioned cat asthma. Do you use lightweight cat litter? Just this week I had my cat use Fresh Step lightweight litter and she had no issues. The dustiness is something to watch out for...
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    6 week old kittens!

    cute babies 
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    mother cat tries to herd her kittens

    Hi everyone. This is a  hilarious looping 8-second video of a mommy cat trying to herd her 2 kittens.   I found it really hilarious.     I don't know how to insert it here but here's the link:
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    professional 'family therapy' - any experiences?

    Yes, especially when u consider the work falls on the shoulders of the family members, not the therapist. Or maybe they want your family to stay messed up for more sessions more pay
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    What's for dinner?

    What's banoffie pie?
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    What's for dinner?

    Some split pea soup and rye bread. Ate it so fast. Don't know why. Plus I usually eat way more. Guess it's good to eat light sometimes
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    professional 'family therapy' - any experiences?

    Anyone ever tried family therapy? Did it help a little or alot? It's tough even needing to ask this but I know most TCS members say reaching out is a good thing. Thank you
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    Does your cat love a belly rub?

    With penny I can put my hand on her tummy and move it slightly but only when she's on the bed. This is surprising because she has lots of cattitude - meaning the type to say absolutely not
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    What's the last thing you ate?

    Tortellini w pesto sauce but I felt guilty being that i felt it's low in fiber (?) so I ate it with asian bean sprouts. Taste wasn't affected too much
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    Hi everyone! Maia and I are back and have missed TCS so much!

    Nice having you back! Daisy was born in Middle Village which is 5-10 minutes from Ridgewood by foot iirc. Maia is lovely as always
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    tax breaks for pet foster parents

    This is great info