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    Yeah, especially since he isn't your boyfriend.
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    Time for another klutz thread..

    I am glad that you are OK. Don't worry, in my experience the bruises do come. Does tripping over your stiletto heels count? I looked real sexy in those heels. Vanity, thy name is woman.
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    Question of the Day - Sunday, Nov. 21st, 2010

    I am older but soon-to-be ex bankrupted us so I don't shop on-line anymore.
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    Butternut Squash?

    Do you have a microwave? Just pierce the skin in various places and cook until soft, about 15 minutes. Cut in pieces and seed, then just drizzle with maple syrup. You don't have to peel it. Very easy for t-day.
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    Jim Morrison pardoned?

    I LOVE The Doors! And Michael Jackson, who I love, too, never touched himself suggesstively? Oh, Crist is a big fan of The Doors from the article I read.
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    I hope that Carol is okay, too. I used to have her contact info but do not anymore.
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    Mighty, mighty. Look who's 90!

    Oh! Mom's name is Ernie. Thanks for your wishes!
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    Mighty, mighty. Look who's 90!

    That would be the best Mom in the world, mine. She is in a beautiful assisted living place on the PA side of the Delaware River right across the river from the part of NY where her sister and other family live. Mom doesn't have Alzheimers but she doesn't see or hear very well. I sent her...
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    Question of the Day, Nov. 7th

    What is it with cat's and vacuums? It sends Butzie scurrying under the bed. She also is not fond of my blow dryer but not exactly frightened. Butzie will sometimes to the door if someone knocks but she is always there waiting for me.
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    Game - Song Titles

    I'll Never Fall in Love Again - Dionne Warwick
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    Game - Song Titles

    Don't It Make Mt Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle
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    Game - Last two letters

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    Game - Last two letters

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    Game - Song Titles

    Don't Throw Your Love Out on Me Baby - Hamilton, Joe, Frank & Reynolds
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    House - the TV Series

    I love House although some of the yearly subplots are tedious like the one with his ex-girlfriend. You know how they are always saying that the patient has Lupus and doesn't? There is one in which the patient actually does. Yes, I am a fan. Besides, he is supposed be damaged goods with some...