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    Is she a Siberian x Norwegian Forest cat?

    She looks amazing against the city skyline 😍
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    Identify my tabby

    I love his spotty tummy 😍
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    Spot's fur type

    My cat Spot, who is now nearly 11 months old, has gorgeous long hair, but I am wondering what type it is. My other cat Coco has very short, coarser fur, but Spot's is very silky and not so dense. Does this mean Spot does not have an undercoat. Also do longer haired cats originate from...
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    My kitten Spot

    I don't know, she does have an incredible ruff around her neck and she is getting more long haired all the time. She is one years old in July. She has quite big paws and bigger legs in comparison to my ginger cat. Her mother was similar but with longer legs. Her father was unknown!
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    My kitten Spot

    Spot sat on the warm radiator
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    My 2 favourite girls enjoying the sun x
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    My kitten Spot

    Absolutely!! This is Queen Spot, I am obsessed with doing this for all my pets. Poitou is next when I can get a decent picture of him!
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    Black Cats Only

    Poitou on my sons' bed just now x
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    My kitten Spot

    Thank you. Everyone who meets her think she is a pedigree, but she's just a regular moggy!
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    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    I had this picture made up on etsy of my cat Coco. Everyone says how regal she is, so I thought why not! 😃
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    My kitten Spot

    Beautiful spot this morning watching me eat a bacon sandwich 😛
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    My kitten Spot

    Spot is now nearly 7 months old and gets more beautiful by the day. It looks like she has a ruff or scarf around her neck xx
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    Hi everyone I’m new, Meet Peko

    She's lovely, bless her little body x
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    Possible stray cat

    I think we may have a stray cat. He is a massive black and white boy. It started a couple of months ago when I left some frozen chicken breasts out and the next morning they had disappeared. A few days later I saw the cat wander out of my back room! He then started creeping in and hiding...