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    Hello again :)

    Thanks :)
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    Hello again :)

    I haven't been around in awhile - just wanted to say hi. All three kits (Daphne, Galahad and Nuala) are doing well. I have a partner now, too . His name is Barry and we've been together just over a year now. Moved again - just a mile away but to a two bedroom. We also have a D O G. A 9lb...
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    California Natural alternative?

    I have been feeding my three California Natural Chicken and Rice for over two years now. With P&G buying CN, I am looking for an alternative. We are trying BG (Before Grain). They like it well enough but I'm not sure it will be as good for them. It has some type of salmon oil in it plus the...
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    Chicken, fish and grain free (dry) cat foods?

    Have you tried adding a bit of warm water to the wet food? I do that for Nuala and Galahad. Mix it up so its a wet mush. They gobble it up. If I just put it out without the water, they take a couple of bites and walk away. Of course, Daphne still will not eat wet food at all.
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    I tried the paper thing. I can be leaning on the freezer door and the paper still comes out when pulled. I have to tug but still slips out. I rent so the fridge is not mine. Nuala is not super-kitty just very industrious. I'm becoming convinced she can do just about anything. Those little paws...
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    I love the one of them head to head, snuggling. Too sweet!
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    Question of the day, Friday April 16th

    Avatar - I recommend it especially if one can see past all the effects to the colonization story. Loved the graphics though! I only go to the theaters to see movies that I "must" see on the big screen. Otherwise, I wait a couple of months for DVD.
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    Question Of The Day - Wednesday, April 14th!

    I real alot so I don't have a real favorite. I recently discovered T.L. Hines and love his books (noir bizarre). I also love Harlan Corben, Kathy Reichs (books so much better than the TV series). Loved Patrica Cornwell in her prime - her last book I didn't bother to finish. David Baldacci, the...
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    Nuala has opened my freezer twice now when I am not at home. First time, I thought it was just a fluke - throw everything out and close the door. Now a few weeks later, it has happened again. I love her endlessly but her obsession with doors is getting expensive. Any ideas on how to keep a top...
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    Nuala and Galahad

    I turned around this evening and this is what I saw on the sofa: Yep, I named her Nuala, NuNu for short She comes to it so it works! I am SO very happy they are getting along . This is the very first cuddle I've seen. A few minutes after I snapped these, they were tussling. Now they...
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    Calico/tortie kitties!

    Oh my! I only have one tortie but 5,000 photos of her Here are a few - trying to show all her markings. You all have probably seen these before but it has been awhile. She has pretty green eyes although they don't show well here Daphne