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    Your Names

    My real name is Laura. But, I also answer to Doofus, "TC" The clutz and "WDA" walking disaster area.
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    Been Having a Big Problem

    Yeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh! I'm so tickled to hear that you are back with Jake! That's just so fantastic!! How is he liking his new place? Has he gotten used to it? Has he found a favorite niche yet? I bet he was so happy to be with you again. It's really good to hear that you have a counselor and...
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    New Shirt Design

    Wow! I'm so glad to see you got this idea going Anne! I came here today to apologize for not being back sooner with the info. I came up with. My computer was in the shop for about 10 days so I lost touch with a lot of people and have been playing "catch-up" for the past several days. It...
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    Been Having a Big Problem

    The guy is a jerk. I've ran into my share of men like that... and unfortunately more then my share as a teenager. I know what you're going through... there's been some excellent advice offered here... and I hope you read it carefully. I'd just like to reiterate what Debra said... THIS WAS...
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    I have the same problem sometimes... at other times a name just pops into your head that fits perfectly. Dk. Blue collar... Conan? Bushwhacker? Ninji? Thumper? Green collar: Romeo? Loverboy? Sponge? (as in love sponge) cupid? cupid's arrow? (since he's fast and lovey). Sorry... I can't...
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    I've a question for everyone????

    I live in N. Carolina. It's beautiful here. I was born and raised in Michigan... but have absolutely fell in love with NC. It's one of the greenest states I've ever been in. After a summer shower, it seems that all the growing things turn two brighter shades of green and you'd swear they...
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    I give up!

    Awwww, those kittens sound soooo adorable! Are you going to keep them, or try to find them homes? My vet told me to use kitten chow to help build an adult cat back up. There is also a vitamin paste that you may be able to find at most stores... if not, you're vet would probably have some at...
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    I need your honest opinion

    Will do! I'll let you know the details, as soon as I find out what's what. hmmmm..... Maybe we should go into the t-shirt business!
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    "Silent cry"?

    That's a great question, and one I'd sure like to know the answer on too! A cat we had, used to do the same thing... and I've always wondered what it meant. The first few times she did it, it freaked me out, thinking something was wrong... but then when I picked her up she'd start purring or...
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    We have a cat that drools a bit too when he gets loved on. Isn't that soooo cute? I think it's so funny - because like Heather said... it's like he catches himself doing it, and turns his head away real quick so we won't see! I figured he'd been hanging out with the dogs too much and picking...
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    Strange kitty habits

    *ROFL* Amanda's cat... aaagh! Head through the screen... that is absolutely one of the funniest things I've ever read! My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard!!
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    A new TCS House Cat!

    Congratulations to you too Gayef! Woo hoo! New mod's everywhere - that's got to be a big help to Anne!
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    I need your honest opinion

    Darn it! I forgot that you would have a hard time with the shipping costs... I honestly don't know if there is a website that provides this service. Thinking on it, it would seem that you'd either have to use a company here in the US, that the members could order from directly and let that...
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    Congratulations blue - our new TCS home cat!

    Congratulations Blue!
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    What is your morning routine?

    Morning routines over here are very simple... sludge myself over the side of bed in the mornings... fumble around (half asleep) making coffee. While the coffee is brewing, try not to drown myself in the shower, while mouth is hanging open. Get one eye to stay open long enough to pour a cup of...