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    Am I over-feeding?

    Is Boone fixed? If so then once cats are fixed I start reducing calories as energy demand has decreased. Assuming he is fixed, then I would agree he is not being majorly overfed unless he is the only one consuming the dry food. Does he seem to bully your other cat for the dry food? Also, I...
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    Newly Diagnosed Asthmatic Cat

    My kitty is on Flovent for lymphocytic chronic rhinitis and he receives a puff (250mcg) daily. I hold the mask over his face to allow 7 or so breaths. The inhaled steroid does not have systemic effects like oral prednisone so it’s much “safer” for daily use. It does take Flovent 2-3 weeks to...
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    I have no personal experience with the GS treatment but from I have heard I don’t think I would meet a stranger in an alley to obtain an unknown medication- even if it was my cat’s “only chance.” I think there is just too much risk at being scammed, IMO. I just wish the drug maker would make...
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    Feeling Sad

    I have similar frustrations with my dad and how he views cat care responsibilities. He just thinks they can fend for themselves and if by chance they don’t show back up, oh well it’s replaceable. It’s totally different for me, I don’t just want any cats but my cats. They are all so different...
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    Feeling Sad

    I’m sorry you have watch this kitty not receive the attention she deserves. My only suggestion is if the “only” reason the cat is outside is because the husband is allergic, then I wonder if the Purina LiveClear food would help get her in the house?? Pro Plan LiveClear Cat Allergen Reducing Food...
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    Aww what a cute baby and I’m sorry to hear about the FIP diagnosis. What injections are you referring to? Technically, there is no FDA approved treatment for FIP.
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    whats the best flea medicine for cats ... they are both adult cats

    Agreed with your post with a slight but important modification. To clarify: Most monthly anti-parasitic drugs work by activating invertebrate glutamate chloride channels. (Fipronil, ivermectin, selemectin, moxidectin, fluralaner, and sarolaner) Mammals only have this channel within the CNS that...
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    Recent Rescue With Mange.

    When you say mange, what are you meaning? Does the kitty actually have mites (sarcoptic mange or demodex) Mange/mites in cats is quite rare but can be treated with the newer flea/tick medication such as Bravecto or Revolution Plus. Since kitty just received Revolution, I would opt for Bravecto...
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    17 year old cat with kidney disease - diet?

    I agree with the above that eating is more important than sticking to a renal diet. I would also question the 7g protein daily limit. That seems quite low. The minimum protein recommended by the NRC for cats is 6.25g/kg so even if considering a low/restricted protein diet, 7g per day is VERY...
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    Sub q tips

    Sorry, “Intra-fur” as in the fur of the cat. The needle goes thru the tent made and out the other side.
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    Sub q tips

    Also, when pulling back on syringe if you have a “vacuum” effect then you know your injection in the cat. If you pull back and get air (no resistance on plunger) then you have pierced through onto the other side and the injection is going to go “intra-fur”. As far as the angle, it’s kinda a...
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    Weird congestion.. unusual symptoms ideas?

    I agree that’s weird and would suggest seeing an internal medicine specialist if one is available in your area. They will probably want to do CT scan or biopsy to try to figure out what’s going on. My cat Chester stayed doing well on oral steroids and now has an inhaler. There is hope as he...
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    urinary diet

    Several things. It sounds like your vet diagnosed cystitis or inflammation of the bladder. In cats is thought to be stress related. I would try hard to stick to one food routine as switching foods can be a source of stress for kitties. Royal Canin has several urinary foods and any food noted...
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    Weird congestion.. unusual symptoms ideas?

    I’m sorry your kitty is suffering from chronic sneezing issues. It sounds very similar to my cat Chester. I have included several thoughts below. Depending on where you live, I would be cautious about fungal disease. Histoplasmosis is very common in my area and can present as a URI. Special...
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    Heartworm in Cats

    My cats are on monthly preventative for heartworms. While my three are indoor only, mosquitoes have easily made it inside my house. Since there is no treatment for heartworms in cats - I choose to use a monthly preventative. I also live in the south, in a working class neighborhood with many...