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    Advice for preventing tartar buildup?

    Recently I've just been scraping my cat's teeth once in a while using a dental kit I purchased off Amazon for about $10. It's fairly easy to remove tartar on my tamer cats, a bit more difficult on the others:) The bottom teeth are harder to scrape but the top teeth are the ones that build up...
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    Eggs good or bad for kitty?

    All my kittens got acne when I tried for over a month to switch them over to a food with egg product, I couldn't do it due to loose stool. They also got loose stool or diarrhea with 5 other foods with egg product. Not sure if it was the egg product that caused the acne or diarrhea but I stay...
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    Young cat with diarrhea

    Before going with another protein, I'd personally try an all wet diet and see how things go. For dry, I feed my cats with sensitive stomachs Nulo Cat & Kitten Chicken and Cod, or LID Chicken which is only sold at Petsmart. They all do well on it and the transition was quick and easy.
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    6 months old persian severe diarrhea

    Due to my experience my mind always jumps to coccidia when I hear yellow diarrhea with blood, giardia in my experience has more of a greenish/pale color, and I've never dealt with Tritrichomonas Foetus. I'm sure this could all have to due with food as well.
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    Cat constantly scratching face.

    I might try something higher in protein and lower in carbs, the Royal Canin has 30% protein and 43% carbs, and the Blue Buffalo has 30% protein and 38% carbs.
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    Cat constantly scratching face.

    My cats scratch much more when I feed foods with by-products. I can't believe that Royal Canin food is so expensive for the first three ingredients being peas, pea protein, and duck by-products.
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    Dental Cleaning

    Something to consider -
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    Egg product causing diarrhea?

    Out of curiousity I went through a lot of the diarrhea threads to find out what was being fed and I found a vast amount were being fed foods with egg, egg product, or egg whites. BTW, I wish people would list what their cats were eating on there first post:). I'm sure a lot of diarrhea was...
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    Egg product causing diarrhea?

    After doing a bit of research after a thread started regarding diarrhea I figured out all the foods that caused looser stool or diarrhea in my cats had egg product. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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    Overwhelmed by Giardia

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    Overwhelmed by Giardia

    It might be a food issue. I was trying to transition my cats from Nutro dry to American Journey dry and couldn't get past 50% without getting diarrhea, I think it might have been the egg product or tapioca in the American Journey. I went to all Friskies Pate and didn't have any more issues...
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    Furry side up or down?

    My neutered cat will do the dance of love by himself as he stares at my female cat when the cat bed is furry side up but won't when the furry side is down. I've never seen him do this dance anywhere else. So should I keep the furry side up and let him get his groove on or keep the furry side...
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    Food Dish/bowl Factors

    I believe some fish oils eat through styrofoam.
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    Dry Food Recommendation For Two Kittens

    I would say the majority of the forum members would say that your vet has been possessed and needs an exorcism.
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    Should I change 11yr old to grain free

    A good alternative to Fancy Feast might be Tiny Tiger chucks in gravy or extra gravy, the carb count is under 5% for both, 2.5% for the extra gravy. I guess the only questionable ingredient is potato starch. From youngagain website - Why Potato Starch? When pet food manufacturers first...