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    My kitten Spot

    Spot must have the record for the bushiest tail for a cat of her size. And she's growing to be a real beauty, isn't she?
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    Cats getting into small garbage cans. Solutions?

    Now that Lolli has the run of the upstairs, he keeps getting into our stuff, especially small garbage cans and waste baskets. We've found him with bits of dental floss, Q-tips and used bandages. :doh: Yuck! And unsafe. Very worried he has been, or will be eating these objects. So far we have...
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    Ending To Begining

    Soup's on!
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    My kitten Spot

    That's one cute bundle of energy you have there. I think they're all smart, just able to hide their intelligence better when they're older to trick us all the more.
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    15 year old cat got vaccines 6 days ago, now not eating, drinking lots of water

    Yikes, 6 days? I'd call another vet and get a second opinion immediately. Have you tried warming up some wet food to enhance the aroma?
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    My cat wakes me up too early

    Cats have a great alarm clock in their heads, don't they? How about delaying the feeding a few minutes, then feeding. The next day delay another minute, or two, or three, then the feeding. Repeat. That should reset the little guy's clock a bit. Or not. Worth a try, anyway. Good luck.
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    Show Off Your Photography

    The last time I posted a photo here (one that wasn't one of my cats in a cat related thread) was in a much older thread named "Photography" that was retired from The Lounge in 2009. Many tens of thousands of frames later -- this is one of those. Great Blue Heron at Huntington Beach State Park...
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    Cat has slightly-raised dark spots on bridge of nose

    Could be cat acne, but that is usually more on the chin. Google "cat acne on nose." One of the first images, if not the very first image, that comes up (choose IMAGES) is a pic that looks exactly like the symptoms of your cat. Your vet should have caught that. Maybe get a new vet? This is an...
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    New cat Lolli, FIV positive, and our other 2 cats. Now what?

    Well, the bi-fold door at the top of the stairs is finally installed. We still need to find a way to fill the 1 to 1.5 inch gap at the bottom so errant paws and arms don't stick out from both directions and to find a solution to locking it from both directions as well. We're thinking a sliding...
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    Ending To Begining

    “In the dim light of the computer screen he seemed otherworldly; Julia thought him beautiful, though she knew it was the beauty of damage.”
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    Ending To Begining

    Sky's the limit
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    New cat Lolli, FIV positive, and our other 2 cats. Now what?

    Bit of an update. Unfortunately, not a sign of the kitten. We did search for a while, but being a highly urban area, major searching would also mean tresspassing so we had to limit that to a few parcels. The neighbors were alerted a while back to keep an eye out, but nothing. Just an unknown for...
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    Meet my new little friend

    What a great story of kindness and love. +1 on that! You didn't mention it, but can we conclude they didn't find a chip?
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    New cat Lolli, FIV positive, and our other 2 cats. Now what?

    Well.... unfortunately, it has been 10 days or more since we've seen the kitten. It might still be somewhere, and hopefully safe. Not much we can do at this point.:(