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    Just One Cat

    I'm going through that, too. We had three, then went up to seven (long story), and now we're at two as the older and ill ones passed away. You really don't realize how much time you spend on them when you're busy doing it. I used to joke about running a senior cat hospital but it was true--lots...
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    Lost my best friend

    Oh, it's so hard to lose those very special cats. My heart goes out to you. Caspian may surprise you. You'll start noticing his unique little traits, too. I hope it gives you some comfort to have other kitties to keep you company. Rest in peace, little Pounce. :rbheart:
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    Paralyzed cat

    So very sorry to read this news. We'll lock the thread now out of respect for your loss. We invite you to post a tribute to your little guy in our Crossing the Bridge forum.
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    What a beautiful tribute to a very special companion. My heart goes out to you. Rest in peace, little Homer. :rbheart:
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    Alternative to declawing or rehoming

    MOD NOTE: Reminder--please try to suggest ways to deal with the behavior, rather than restating the detriments of declawing, which have been mentioned several times already.
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Ozzy loves coffee time in the morning. Yes, those are cats on my flannel jammies. :lol:
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    Question of the Day, Friday, January 8

    Only outpatient procedures for me. I've been very lucky in life and, so far anyway, and have never had to spend a night in a hospital. I almost don't want to put that in print and jinx it. :paranoid: :lol:
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    post funny picture and memes here

    Oh, I love it. Best poem ever.
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    post funny picture and memes here

    New Year's resolutions! :party3:
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    Question of the day - Thursday 7 January

    Vegetarian here, too. 14 for me. All the meats and fish, plus eggplant and.... RAISINS! :barf: