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    Help needed - bloody urine

    I think you're doing the right thing, feeding the wet food and ditching the dry. How much (and what form and/or specific product) DL-Methionine was prescribed? Has her bladder been xrayed?
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    Shadow sick again

    Wet should be a lot easier to digest. That's what has come up in my reading, anyway. Leopold tries to prove it to me (about dry). He can handle almost any wet food, though.
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    Calculating Carbohydrates

    If they printed it on the food, we would see the truth. They don't want that. That's a sad but true fact. Off the top of my head, the Wellness grain free varieties (there are 6 flavors) are very low in carbs. I haven't done the calculations, but By Nature Organics (cans) should be very, very...
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    Don't understand Royal Canin...

    Given the choice between meat and corn, meat will always win with me. I think that we (as consumers) have been brainwashed into believing that our cats should be eating corn. Yes, the ash content of corn is lower than meat but the truth is, if the food was truly appropriate we wouldn't have to...
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    Please Help!!

    How recently has he been to the vet? Did they do a urinalysis? What were the results? I realize you said that you have plenty of litterboxes... I would carefully consider and reconsider the number of boxes, the location of those boxes, the type of box (covered/uncovered), and the type of...
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    Raw ordering/shopping websites

    Most of mine liked the NV Beef, besides the chicken/turkey. A few liked lamb, no one would touch venison. Rabbit was not accepted.
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    Shadow sick again

    I'm sorry that you and Shadow are going through this. What other diets have you tried? And for how long? I think in a case like this, it is important to do some trials with very simple foods ...with no other food or treats of any kind offered for quite some time (I think 6-8 weeks minimum)...
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    HELP--Administering Baytril

    For Baytril for Beandip, I use the piller. I like the ones with the soft rubber fingers on the end, not the hard plastic end. Like cloud_shade, I just put it as far back as I can, then I let his mouth close and he swallows. Granted, Beandip and I have had a lot of practice and he's fairly...
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    Is the poop still loose? If so, what does she eat (brand, variety, wet or dry, etc)?
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    Feline Leukemia and FIV testing...necessity???

    Leukemia can be caught be sharing bowls, it is passed fairly easily. FIV is much harder to catch...more like HIV. Personally, when you have a multi cat household with cats from unknown backgrounds, I would do the test. Last time I had it done it was $32...worth it for peace of mind.
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    Turkey Cat Food

    Ditto, plus what was the food...meaning, what else is in it?
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    Constipation in a cat

    Agreed. 7 of mine are on raw to some degree, so I've experienced what you are describing. It's just in Paisley's case, after about 4 straight days of raw (and no pooping), she runs around whimpering and whining looking for a weird (inappropriate) place to poop - because she's uncomfortable...
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    Speedboat has a heart murmur

    cloud_shade made a very good point. I'll second that. As far as costs of the workup go, you might see if there's a vet school in your area that you could go to for the cardiac workup. It may cost less there. Precious' tests were $375, including general exam, echocardiogram, xrays, meds, blood...
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    Constipation in a cat

    I'm a firm believer that a quality canned-only diet will solve most constipation problems...or at least lessen them significantly. I think most will find that the need for meds, extra fiber and vet visits is a lot less when dry food is eliminated. In general, I'm a believer in raw...
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    What food do you use and WHY:)

    After reading up on cat food, with my bladder boy (Beandip) in mind - I decided that dry food would not be served here anymore. Several menus going at once basic theme - no dry food...just canned (or raw) with no mystery byproducts, corn, wheat, or soy. I prefer grain free but do...