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    Grain Free + Cardiomyopathy

    Are you able to provide me with company names? unfortunately I live in a small apartment with small appliances - no storage room available.
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    Grain Free + Cardiomyopathy

    Okay – I’m sure this has been discussed. I have my cats on grain free wet food. I’ve met with 4 vets so far during the course of my cats’ life. They all said to avoid grain free food because it’s linked to “heart disease”. I assume cardiomyopathy. One of my cats is a Maine Coon (other...
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    Cat Limping - What to do?

    So my original vet has no appointments for the next 1.5 weeks. I'm taking him to another vet that has an appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed. My cat continues to limp - but he still JUMPS!!! That's a good sign I think. I'm trying to stop him from doing that - very hard. I'm supplied him...
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    Cat Limping - What to do?

    Heya, So I have a dilemma. Cat: Maine Coon. 1.5 years old. Over the past few days, when I tried to comb my cat – whenever I opened his legs, he would scream and get violent – I thought it might be PTSD from the past where he got diarrhea and I was cutting the “poop” out and then washed him...
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    Is my vet right about the dose of this medication?

    So update: Cat more lethargic + not eating. So my mother is taking him back to the urgent clinic but seeing another vet this time. I told her to ask if they did a urine culture + give mirtazepine 3 mg (maybe?) for appetite stimulation. We'll see what happens. Thank you all for your feedback
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    Is my vet right about the dose of this medication?

    The issue is - my mother is in Canada. They only have select vets open and the earliest appointment is like a month away. She didn't want to wait that long and took him to the emergency vet clinic which cost her $$$$. So essentially we are stuck. They made me wait 48 min on the phone before...
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    Is my vet right about the dose of this medication?

    Hey, Male Himayan Cat - hematuria (a tiny bit of red we noticed) + licks his penis a lot. We were worried about crystals. My mother took him to a vet... and let's just say he wasn't very nice or willing to explain - according to my mother he was constantly fighting with his staff but was...
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    Multiple Confusing Cat Behavior - Advice Appreciated

    Hey! Making this post about strange cat habits that I need help with – I do have a vet appointment this Tuesday… New vet since my last vet wasn’t in tune with cats (told me to “yell” or “flick” the forehead if they cause problems). So, we’ll see – but in the meantime appreciate any advice if...
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    Cat litter recommendations

    Good Afternoon! I suspect this has been posted a lot in the past. But I’m considering new Litter… I have been out of the litter box game for a while. To explain: 2 Cats. Male Maine Coon 16 pounds + Male Siamese 4.6 pounds…. The Siamese poops more! Litter: Tidy Breeze Pellets. I clean litter...
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    New Kitten Peeing on My Bed - Why??? How to stop!

    @Shower Curtain - Great Idea Getting one now. Right now I have 2 litter boxes (which I clean daily) - they are hooded. I can remove hood from them. But I'm pretty positive he has peed there because the pad (aka diaper like item) has fluid in there. I can replace the pads again (to make...
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    New Kitten Peeing on My Bed - Why??? How to stop!

    Hey, Long Post - Will try to summarize my problem best as I can -Current Resident: 17-pound Male Maine Coon Cat @1 year 5 months old - Neutered -Last week Friday got a 4-ish pound Male Siamese Cat @ 4 months old – Neutered 2 Weeks ago (but still has decent sized testicles???) ^Difference in...
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    HELP - SLIMY Water Fountain Problem!!!!!

    Hey, So I have a 17-ish pound Maine Coon who is ~ 1 year 3 months old. I use Catit Water Fountain for his water. I have a problem with SLIME and Yellow-ish water… According to that instructions - the filter can last up to 1 month. LOL NO! I have to change his water + filter TWICE weekly to...
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    Can my Himalayan Cat Travel through Air?

    Hey! First of – I hope this is appropriate to post. If not, I apologize. Longer post – if want to skip to the point – go below the dotted line My parents took in my brother’s Himalayan cat (Walter) after his divorce (or else he’d be going to a shelter – I hate people who give up their pets...
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    Should I get a second male cat or a female cat?

    Hey, I have a 1 year 2 month Maine Coon Male - very energetic. I want to get him a friend - I'm planning to get a Siamese. My Maine Coon is neutered - whichever gender I get, will be spay/neutered. So - will a MALE Maine Coon cat get along better with another male or a female? Any opinions...
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    Cat Spitting Up/Mini-Throw Ups

    Yeah that's what I told my mother - so she stopped the grain free food 2 days ago - but he is still spitting up - I'm not sure how many days out = alarm. The only issue with a vet check up is... their appointments are VERY far out (Canada - still behind us) at least 2 weeks out. So the mean...