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    Male cat spraying over litter box

    Just like what @LTS3 shows a picture of. BUT, don't cut the hole in the side. Cut a 10" diameter round hole in the lid. It's what we had to do. Works great.
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    I Think My Kitten Is A Bobcat.

    At 6 months old, his feet no longer look really huge :chessirecat:
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    CONTEST: May Picture of the Month: Camouflage Kitties

    Not an entry, but we change colors in the winter for a reason.
  4. Gibs 44.jpg

    Gibs 44.jpg

    Blending in
  5. Buddy 4.jpg

    Buddy 4.jpg

    Camo Buddy
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    CONTEST: May Picture of the Month: Camouflage Kitties

    Lessons on how to get sat on? Entry, Buddy
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    What about your cat is against the norm?

    What was the question again? :flail:
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    18 Pounds of Muscle Coming at You

    Big Kitty!!! :hyper:
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    Last chance for wall peeing beauty

    Tall tote and cut a 10" diameter round hole in the top of the lid (for entry and exit). It's the only thing we have been able to come up with due to the same problem you have. And it's worked now for several years.
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    Breeding Questions & Concerns

    Don't.....Just don't
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    Not sure this is right place..looking for info on cat containment fence

    A single electric at the top looks good and won't harm anything. Lesson will be learned quickly by anything trying to cross it. Probably the cheapest method for a long distance. 16" wide sheet of "plastic corrugated roofing" (think greenhouse)....Fastened to the fence horizontally at the top all...
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    freeze dried products

    As long as the minnows haven't been cooked, I don't see the problem. We have a cat that makes it almost impossible to fillet fish. I give her the 1st fillet to keep her busy while I continue. She goes through bones and all. Never a problem.
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    Do you think your cat would save your life?

    In response to the title: :flail:
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    Carrying toy and yowling?

    Mine does that with new toys. But he won't drop it for me. Rather he'll do what he can to take an arm off if you try to take it away :lol:
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    Human hair

    @game misconduct If you do get one, whatever you do, never be Purple and Fuzzy :lol: