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    Cat with plastic stuck around it’s neck

    OMG! I'm just catching up with this story and I'm sorta glad I came in AFTER the happy ending because I was really worried when I started to read. Thank you for all your efforts and congrats on your success. I had a cat named Marley and he was the best little guy ever! This is truly a...
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    Helping abandoned cats Questions

    Thank you for so much caring for these cats. I can understand how upsetting this must be to see these poor creatures outside in the cold, especially when they have had homes before with people who undoubtedly loved them. There have been some great ideas already posted. I am thinking that if...
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    YAY!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful news! Fetén is an amazing little guy and he is so lucky to have you to love him and work with him... not to mention a great vet!
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    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    I just wanted to pop in to say "good job" with these kitties! Not easy to integrate cats but you have come a long way with Finn and Charlie. I agree that keeping them busy with toys can be very helpful. I'm always looking online for ideas. And of course, paper bags and ping pong balls are...
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    Injured Stray Kitten

    I agree with shadowsrescue that he needs to see a vet for a thorough check-up and proper medication. It is great that he allows you to hold him -- will make it much easier to get him to the vet! Thank you so much for caring about this little kitten. He is lucky to have found you.
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    The Roofcats Of Bensonhurst

    That sounds great! You probably already know ways to track down these groups, but I Googled "Brooklyn feral cat rescue" and found a few possibilities, including Brooklyn Animal Action. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative has a page with a list of TNR groups all over the NY area: New York City Area...
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    The Roofcats Of Bensonhurst

    Wow! I just read through your postings and photos from start to finish. Such a good story! It sounds like they have a pretty good life. So lucky to have supportive and friendly neighbors, including that nice person who leaves the basement window open! These cats seem to have figured out how...
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    Only One More Left...

    Thanks for posting that! It is great to see a drop trap in action! I Googled "drop trap for cats" and found a few for around $105. Maybe a local rescue group would have one to loan.
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    I just love that sweet little orange face! Wanda Heart is so precious! It is great to hear how well she is doing.
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    Help Please With The Ink

    I have been following your adventures with Inky and just wanted to chime in and tell you to keep up the good work! Thanks for taking care of him when it really wasn't supposed to happen this way. And I totally agree -- mice are really cute! Some years at work we would have field mice in the...
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    Found Kittens

    I'm so glad that your husband found these two adorable kittens! They are precious! I didn't have cats when I was growing up so knew nothing about them, but as an adult, I have come to just love having them in my life and I'm sure you will, too! The Cat Site is a wonderful place to get good...
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    Abandoned Cat: Freya

    What fantastic news!! I'm so happy for you and Freya! Thanks for that great update!
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    Abandoned Cat: Freya

    Awww, she looks sweet! She probably lived through some scary moments in a house with so much noise and turmoil. I hate that anyone would abandon an animal, but maybe in this case, it will turn out for the best. If the previous "owners" paid a deposit for her, maybe the landlord could apply...
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    Semi-feral: Bring Them Inside Or Not?

    Thanks for sharing your experience, @NY cat man! It is always SO helpful to hear what others have gone through. Gives me hope for a successful future with these guys! I have ordered a new cat tree, but it turns out it is on back order until October from quite a few vendors so I'm on waiting...
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    Semi-feral: Bring Them Inside Or Not?

    Thanks for the support, everyone! @Jcatbird, you make a lot of sense! I have already read your reply twice and I'll read it a few more times, too! I am hopeful that, in time, Palmer and Ruby will work this out! This morning, in fact, Ruby came out from under the cat tree to accept her...