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    Lump on kittens jaw line

    My cat gets this every now and again a big bump on her bottom Lip.  It is called Rodent Ulcers (having nothing to do with rodents).  Its some kind of an allergic reaction she got from something she may have eaten or something she rubbed up against.  If I bathe the area with warm water it usually...
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    cat prozac

    No, he didn't seem to have any side affects that I remember, he's been on them for years.  He's a much happier kitty.  Good luck
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    cat prozac

    Hi  My cat is also on prozac.  He marks his territory in my house when he sees outside cats around. He gets very agitated.   I found with the prozac he is more his old self again, he is not as aggresive with our other inside cats.  He seems more contented now.  For my cat it was a good choice to...
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    looking for info on heart issues

    My cat was diagnosed with HCM 4 years ago.  We brought him in for a UTI and they found he had a heart murmur.  We got him an ultra sound and they said he had an enlarged heart.  Couldn/t tell by looking at him at all.  Now he's on medications and is doing fine.
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    Tiny kittens and fleas.

    What I did with kittens I took in that had  a lot of fleas, I kept combing them with a fine tooth comb and as the fleas were coming off on th comb I put it into soapy dish washing liqiod that killed them until they were old enough for frontline.  Hope this helps
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    What's Your Name?

    aj_- - I'm Ashley jayne but I get Ash or AJ AddieBee - Adrien (No nicknames that I care to share!) Alison Joy - Alison Joy (Nicknames are Alison, Ali, or Ajay) allroundthesun - Juliet AmberTheBobcat -John Arlyn - Arlyn aswient - Ann Babz - Babz (B for short) badgeyirl-Edyth (but I only use Edy)...
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    Your All Time Favorite TV Show

    I love the old TV shows the best, I love Lucy of course and Dick Van Dyke. Also lately is Father knows best and The Waltons.
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    Cat urination problem.

    Many many Prayers and that this problem is resolved, please keep us posted.
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    Question of the day, Friday May 13th

    My favorite is an oldie but goodie. The Uninvited with Ray Milland.
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    Cat urination problem.

    If it definitely is not a health issue then they do have medication for behavorial problems. I have a very high strung cat when he sees another cat outside. He has been marking his territory in my house for years. He is 13 years old and is the alpha cat in this multi-cat household. I am not...
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    cat peeing blood -- vets stumped

    For what its worth, I had kind of the same problem when I was much younger. Everytime I was very active I'd have bloody urine, (playing tennis, etc.). Most all the other times I was fine, nothing, everything was clear, again when I'd be very very active it would start again. Then stop I only...
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    Question of the Day: Tues. May 10 2011

    My first apartment was an attic apartment I found in Brooklyn. It was very cute. 3 small rooms, kitchen, bedroom and livingroom. There was an overhead train near by, a little noisey but I knew when it was going to come back so I could go to work in New York City, no waiting . It was kind of...
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    Congestive Heart Failure - 9 yr old...

    My Patch is also very difficult to pill. He has the same heart condition and takes pills twice a day. I am able to give him pill pockets, but when I put them in I have to make sure all the pill is covered, he can detect any slight smell of the pill if any is showing. The pills I give him I am...
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    Question of the day 17/4/2011

    This is what we do also.
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    Suspect UTI or crystals in urine?

    Hi Happy Easter to you too. Yes, that sounds like crystals alright. Patch has struvite crystals. As long as Allen is urinating a good amount of urine out, he'll be fine until tomorrow. Poor baby I know its so frustrating and mine will just not eat any of those urinary tract foods. Good kuck.