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    Can a cat live in a dorm room?

    I have been reading all of these comments from the beginning, and I apologize for not responding to all of the well constructed and thoughtful comments. I get overwhelmed sometimes with so much different information. I have a lot to think about, but I’m thinking she is coming with me. She is...
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    Can a cat live in a dorm room?

    Hello I am going to college next year and my cat is a certified ESA so she would legally be able to go with me. I’m just worried that she would become depressed in a dorm room, which I am required to stay in my first year. Is a dorm room too small? My other option is not to go to a four year and...
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    Question of the Day Sunday 20 October, 2019

    These are both in my top 5 movies! That scene in A Quiet Place is the only part of any movie that has made me cry. The music in that scene is amazing too. I sometimes just go to Youtube and watch that particular scene because it is so amazing. I am so excited for the new movie in 2020!!
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    Question Of The Day 6 October, 2019

    Hot: Tea. Cold: Fruit Smoothies. (Does that count?? :))
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    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, August 27

    I had a tarot card reading about a year ago that was extremely accurate. I am a very skeptical person though, and I can't say for sure whether it was just a coincidence or not. Either way it was a great experience. :)
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    Question Of The Day, Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    I am still young, so I don't have a lot to go off of yet. I am going into my last year of high school in a new state, leaving the one I have grown up in. Saying all of that, I think this is the song. :)
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    Dry Food Testing.

    Has she always not eaten much or is this a new thing? Do you think you could give a rough estimate on how many calories she eats a day? In my experience, the instructions on the package don't work for every cat. I just use them as a very rough guideline and really pay attention to the calories...
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    How Did You Come Up With Your Cat's Name?

    I wasn't the one to name her, but Curly's name is based off of that when she was a kitten she was born with a short little curly tail. Now that she is an adult it's just kind of "L" shaped. Still love her name though. :)
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    Question Of The Day, Wednesday, August 14, 2019

    People not voting even though they are able to.
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    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, August 13

    Wow now I have to try it for sure!!
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    Do You Shop For School?

    I always invest in some nicer pens before the school year starts. It makes taking notes a lot more pleasant.
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    Omega 3 For Healthy Cats?

    I think it is okay, my sister does it for her cat's coat. She doesn't give a full dose that someone might give a cat with joint issues though.
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    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, August 13

    zuccchini pasta! Sounds like it could be good and it's healthier than regular pasta.
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    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, August 6

    Anthony Bourdain! (R.I.P :()
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    Question Of The Day - Monday, August 5, 2019

    Sometimes. Sometimes I don't remember them right after I wake up, but then randomly see something that reminds me of my dream even days later!