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  1. My new big baby

    My new big baby

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    My new big baby

    As a lot of you will remember my British short hair kitten that got out and just vanished. I hope that someone got her and is looking after her well. As time went on l missed so much not having cat round the house. Through a friend l heard of a Russian blue who's owner had 5 kids under 6 and she...
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    Keeping us up all night - HELP!

    My cat was waking me up just the same,  was  climbing onto the top of wardrobes and dancing around making an awful noise, what l did was play with him more in the day and  tire him out then he started to sleep more in the day. Then l found he was sleeping a lot more in the night time and l...
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    Mystery solved!!!!!

    I think tesco have changed there clumping litter as you can't find a whisker of dust in it. I am baby sitting a BSH at the moment and l thought about Zander and how l react to things quick and this hasn't botherd me at all.It isn't scented l keep well away from anything scented . It must be...
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    Mystery solved!!!!!

    I use tesco clumping litter. I used to get the expensive ones but they were dusty and l have eye infections nearly all the time so it was making me worse as as well. Someone told me about tescos and every thing she said was right, Jilly
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    Just signed lease and asked to keep cat in my small room

    Have you got the toy called Me- Ow as if you haven't it would be a good toy to keep yours happy. Mine never left it alone. I n fact the top fabric was in shreds but you can get parts from them. They have batteries in but they last a long while. I got mine from amazon and the batteries as its the...
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    Mystery solved!!!!!

    Could someone let me borrow a cat that likes spiders as have a huge one and he is on the  ceiling lol Jilly
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    Mystery solved!!!!!

    I find the clumping litter does,t have dust in it, the older litter does and it got in my eyes and make you cough. That's one thing that's improved. Years ago a vet told me to use  non flagrance baby wipes when my old cat needed cleaning and he said it also makes the kitten clean herself...
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    how do i teach my cat to stay off/away from certain furniture

    I have a new leather sofa so was hoping she didn't scratch it. The only thing l had was a calming  spray which didn't calm her at all so l thought l would spray it with Feliway just the sides and arms and it worked and would use it every time. I told a friend about it working as her cat was...
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    Adult coloring books

    If you sharpen the water color  pencils well then dip them  in water shake them lightly.and then fill your picture in with them. It will look like a water co lour painting. But use water color paper else it will split. If you want to use any silver or gold twinkles shake them on lightly while...
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    Adult coloring books

    I wish l could get back into Painting but pain stops me even sat down, you never know though, Jilly
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    Adult coloring books

    If you use a small brush but not to wet over your coloring they will look like a water color painting, you could frame your pictures then If there to pale you can dry them then give it another brush over the picture. If you like how it looks you could try water color paints bu if you do get...