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    So, I got a new puppy.

    Jake and I had been discussing getting a companion for our 16 year old dog, and well, an offer fell into our lap that we couldn't refuse. A friend and neighbor had an oops litter (she was lied to about the dog being spayed), 8 pups! She found homes for all but one. We get pup for Bear and she...
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    Help for a friend who's dogsitting

    Some friends were stuck caring for a third party's pittie while he's in Jail (could) be awhile. Dog is a very, very loving boy about 3 years old. Naturaly he's quite depressed at his owner's departure. Poor guy has no appetite (which should improve with time), he still eats people food. The...
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    RV living

    Wow! Years later, I'm still in my travel trailer, though feeling cramped these days as it's three cats a large dog and now a pet husband. This old trailer won't see another move, the slide out motor has quit, the main AC and fridge have quit, and the dog now spends time in his big outdoor...
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    Help grooming my seriously long-haired cat??

    You should be combing, not brushing. I use a Bamboo brand metal tooth comb (from walmart), the teeth rotate, so they don't tend to snag and pull. As for getting him to calm down, the trick is to just do a little at a time, every day, get him tolerant and used to it.
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    Excuses on why you don't want someone at your house

    I don't have to make excuses, I live in a tiny trailer, there is enough seating for myself and my hubby. Also, since moving the trailer here, we have been over-run by roaches, gross and embarassing. We should be in a mobile home by Summer's end though, bye bye bugs and tiny trailer.  
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    Litter box liner experiment

    Clean dry box, coated with cooking spray, let sit a few minutes, add litter, problem solved. Since I've been doing this, some 7 or 8 years, I have had zero issues with litter clumps or other 'stuff' sticking to the sides. I do this with every dump and scrub.  
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    cats meowing in a very odd way....while walking round the house????odd

    My cats do this, usually just calling to them stops it. I know what you mean about sounding sad though.  
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    Chances of feral with blue eyes, genetics question

    I would suspect Ojos Azules, not saying that this is one, but a reminder that in the case of the O.A. , it was a natural breed, the foundation queen taken from feral population.  
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    How to get a kitty to accept a litter box liner??

    Even if she doesn't shred it on purpose, I think you'll find you are wasting your money. Litter box liners get shredded, period. When I clean my box, after it is dry, I coat it with Pam cooking spray, let it sit for a few minutes, then refill with litter. This keeps litter and kitty waste...
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    As this started with Motorboat being attacked, that is the cat I'd have in to the vet, as well as Falafel. In a colony situation, if a cat is ill (which the others can smell) the other cats will often harass the sick cat into leaving, an effort to keep disease away from healthy members. The...
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    Curious: Meowing while mousing

    Just their way of saying HEY LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT YOU!!  
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    want my playful kitties back

    Don't discount the spraying just because they are females! A territorial female will indeed spray. Baby Cat, my oldest was part of a feral colony and wasn't spayed until 2years old, if a tom comes round and sprays my trailer or yard, she will spray like crazy all over in the house.  
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    Mooching constantly

    All of the cats that I've gotten as young kittens were beggars and thieves, they all had to be taught that it wasn't tolerated. Some were worse than others. Never punish, always redirect, and praise good behavior. In the case of food, redirection becomes difficult, as you don't want to teach...
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    Cat nip bubbles

    My very catnip driven cats are not at all impressed, the dog loves them though.