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    Hoping for a quick recovery for Sasha Yim

    Thanks for all the nice replies! She's healing nicely.
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  3. Hoping for a quick recovery for Sasha Yim

    Hoping for a quick recovery for Sasha Yim

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    Hoping for a quick recovery for Sasha Yim

    Sasha got spayed today. She hates the cone but has to wear it for the next two weeks. :) The first thing Simba did when she got home was to lick her forehead. 
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    US Kitten & Cat Registry???

    Thank you! Now I'm reading up on what to expect post-surgery. (My first cat, Simba, was adopted from a shelter and he was neutered before I met him.)
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    US Kitten & Cat Registry???

    Update: Sasha's previous owner has consented to my plan to spay Sasha.  Sasha and Simba are due for vaccines and check-ups so I made an appointment with the vet in two weeks. Sasha's previous owner wants to come along so we arranged to pick her up en route to the vet.   After she receives...
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    Happy 3rd Birthday Luna!

    Happy Birthday Luna! 
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    New Foster Babies ---CUTENESS ALERT!

    Even with the cuteness alert... I'm dead.    Best wishes with their care! They are so lucky to have you. I hope you post more pictures soon.
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    Comment by 'aprilyim' in article 'How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Shelter Cat?'

    I adopted Simba from the North Shore Animal League of America ( when he was approximately 1.5 yrs old. The adoption fee was $55.00. Prior to the adoption, he was neutered by their medical center, vaccinated, and treated for roundworms. They did a brief background...
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    Introducing: Sasha Yim

    Thanks! :) Glad you guys are enjoying the pictures. I will look into those products that you suggested.  Yeah, it IS really bizarre that she was sold as a "seal point Siamese." Here's a snapshot of Simba grooming Sasha.  And a shot of Simba looking like a goof while asleep.
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    Introducing: Sasha Yim

    Good eye! Simba has been most gracious with sharing his hang out spots.