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    Cat's Tail Drooping

    Thank you. I think she owned me with those eyes from the moment I met her! When playing they get so dilated and wild looking!
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    Cat's Tail Drooping

    I'm really puzzled to as to what could have happened. On the day I noticed it I searched for any evidence of disturbance, but could see anything. I put up an extended window ledge bed for them a few weeks ago and there is a small gap where a tail perhaps could have got caught. I've blocked it up...
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    Cat's Tail Drooping

    Biscuit's tail continues to improve. She holds it more upright for long periods and wags the tip more. She even put her butt in my face - not something that I normally appreciate! She still has a kink in her tail and I sent pictures from yesterday to the vet We have an appointment tomorrow, but...
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    Cat's Tail Drooping

    Yes she is a wonderful vet and very experienced - we are very lucky having her. Biscuit arrived in my life pregnant, and one kitten had leg problems - so this vet and thecatsite was a huge support during all that. She has a small practice, so uses another vets practice for out of hours, but will...
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    Cat's Tail Drooping

    Thanks all. I sent a video clip to our regular vet and spoke to her this morning. She thinks bruising or abcess could do this. I doubt abscess as no obvious injury and she is very well in herself otherwise (and her son is extremely unlikely to have hurt her). Vet said xrays of tail often don't...
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    Cat's Tail Drooping

    Thank you so much for your replies, I will keep a very close eye on her and call out of hours vet if still same in the morning or worse. Ideally I prefer to speak to our regular vet, as she is so experienced and the out of hours vet has caused some unnecessary stress to me and the cats before...
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    Cat's Tail Drooping

    I just noticed today that my cat's, tail appears to be drooping, I think it was this morning too, but I didn't really register it. I arrived back a couple of days ago, from a holiday, and think she was fine then (I remember her sitting thrashing it and it upright and all hair on end last night...
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    Preparing For Biscuit's Kittens

    I just wanted to give a quick update to share a couple of pictures, as the kittens are 1 year old today. All doing very well in their various homes. Biscuit and Leo still with me and they adore each other. Thanks again for all the help and support from this site.
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    Physical Therapy For Kitten

    I don't know if it is the same thing, but I had a kitten born with her legs out backwards and as she grew, they moved closer to normal, but kept slipping out sideways. Around three weeks, on the advice of a vet, I started very carefully tapping them together in a more normal position (the vet...
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    Bracing Kittens Front Legs

    There are several threads with links to information about twisted legs (I'll try and find links and put them below ) . I had a kitten with swimmers back legs and she did extremely well with some tapping , on the advice of a vet, but she was very young and not quite same thing (but when...
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    Kitten Half The Size Of Others

    Beautiful cat and kittens. Noticed mum appears to have a collar on - have seen other advise on here removing them, as some risk of kittens getting a leg stuck. Hope the smaller one is OK, and definitely weigh them everyday, as really help you see what's going on and intervene early if issues.
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    Hot Pepper Is Due Any Day Now And...

    They are all still gaining, but quite common for they to plateau for a few days or so around this age mine all stalled for a day or so. So as long as no other symptoms and sounds like you are doing great job of monitoring their weight they should be fine. Not sure about litter, but I used wood...
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    Mistake Has Been Made... Pregnant Cat And Vaccine?!?!

    Well done for taking her in. I'm no expert, but have taken in a cat earlier this year, who had been in heat and have gone through the whole kitten journey, and now out the other side with all spayed/neutered and two cats remaining with me. This site has been an amazing resource for me, and clear...
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    My Cat Is Overdue And Still No Sign Of Labour?? Please Help Me!!

    Are you sure she is still pregnant, they look can look pregnant after birth? Has she had any opportunity to be outside alone and given birth? As I understand it 65 days appears to be about average - this the number I found on various sites when trying to figure out when mine was due. At the time...
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    Home Alone

    You could enrich the room for them with a few cardboard boxes with holes cut in for them to go through, if you haven't done stuff like the for them already. When I was restricting mine to a room, when small, I tried to change it little each day to keep it exciting for them.