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    Transition to high protein causing more shedding?

    Thanks everyone! Snap is still shedding quite a bit, but Grommet's has gone down significantly, so it was probably just seasonal.
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    FeLV Vaccine for a (mostly) indoors cat

    My previous vet recommended it for Grommet who was a door dasher when I first got her. But she reacted so badly to the first shot I decided against it. She occasionally goes outside (like maybe three times a year) but never interacts with other outside cats so I felt comfortable not giving her...
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    Weruva canned food

    I was told the baseline for calories is 20 calories per pound of their optimum weight. So for my tabbico, that's about 240 calories a day. But for my grey tabby, if I fed her only that she would poke me in the face with a paw at 3am for noms, so she gets a little more. I'd say try that as a...
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    Transition to high protein causing more shedding?

    I feel incredibly silly asking this, but y'all are super kind so I figure I'd ask anyway. Do high-protein foods cause cats to "blow their coat" during the adjustment period? For context: my 5 and 7 year old dsh are now eating a mix of Epigen and Instinct Ultimate Protein dry food (1/2 cup each...
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    How much does cat health insurance cost?

    So it'll get more expensive as the cat ages. When I had Snap insured thru Healthy Paws she was about $25 a month. I stopped insuring her when she turned 6 and the rate jumped to $40 a month. There's ways to limit costs like deductibles and percentage of payment, but it's still spendy. Also...
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    High Protein Makes Pee Smell Worse?

    Knowing I can't afford to feed them all wet and they like a good crunch, I've been on the hunt for the best dry food within reason. After a few trial and errors, I settled on a mix of Instinct Protein and Wysong Epigen. My girls (5 and 7), love the food and while they're going through seasonal...
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    What is your favorite cat product?

    The SleekEz comb! It was originally marketed as a horse comb but now they sell smaller "cat sized" ones. It's the only comb/brush my girls will tolerate a thorough brushing with.
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    Best odour control litter?

    It also might be time for a new litter box. The tiny scratches in the plastic can hold on to odor even with weekly cleaning. I try to replace my girls boxes about every year to year and a half and that, along with World's Best has helped keep some smell down.
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    Chronic Anal Gland Issues

    Morning all - Isn't it great when you get to start your morning with taking a picture of your cat's butt to send to the vet? :rolleyes: My 5, almost 6-year old DSH grey tabby, Pompom, has had chronic anal gland expression issues since I got her 4 years ago. I'm thankful it doesn't happen too...
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    9 Hour Drive With My Two Cats

    I moved from the DC area to South Carolina two years ago with my two girls. One is fine in the carrier. The other hyperventilates/pants and soils herself if it's too long a drive. I got a prescription for gabapentin for my girls. (It's also a human drug, so if you happen to take it, ask your vet...
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    Remedies for Red Spot under Chin?

    My first kitty, Zipper, used to get chin acne all the time - didn't matter what kind of bowl I fed him from, or how often I washed it. I ended up getting some benzoyl peroxide shampoo (you can get pet varieties - I used Davis' brand) to keep on hand. A warm washcloth, some shampoo rubbed in, and...
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    Dental care under anesthesia - what to expect?

    I remember freaking out when my now-eldest kitty, Snap, came home from a dental cleaning and there was a tiny bit of blood where she had perched on the bathroom rug. Called the vet in a panic...turns out they keep a thermometer inserted the entire time to make sure kitty isn't getting too cold...
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    Looking for some perspective on our super senior cat: quality of life vs. euthanasia

    I agree, it sounds like she's got more life in her! When it was Zipper's time, he wouldn't leave the bed and even his favorite food wouldn't tempt him to leave it. The idea of him chasing a laser pointer even a few weeks before it was time was laughable. The fact your girl is doing that, along...
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    Help me find a dry food?

    Bah! It posted before I had finished! They get 3 meals a day. 2 dry, 1 wet. I can't afford to do all wet plus I want a dry food in the automatic timed feeder so I don't get paws in the eye at 3am. I've tried: Instinct Raw with Freeze Dried - They loved. I just went thru it too quickly Wellness...
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    Help me find a dry food?

    Hello fellow feline lovers! My two girls (5 and 7) have decided they don't like their dry food and I'm having trouble finding a replacement that is decent. They were on Hills Indoor Adult until they started not eating it. I just got a bag of Natural Balance LI Duck which they love