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    Total catastrophe - vibes and advice please

    and Hope everything resolves soon. P.S. sounds as if a large G&T is in order.
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    Please pray send vibes for Severino

    Lots of for your beautiful boy Helen.
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    anyone know an european wolf reservation?

    You could try these people
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    Help me resize this?

    the rules allow up to 30kb
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    Why I haven't been around...(or dealing with diagnosis)

    I hope you are lucky and have a long time before another attack. My friend has the progressive type
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    One year ago...

    A beautiful tribute to your beautiful boy
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    Signature too big?

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    Good vibes for Molly please

    Just to send some and and looking for an update.
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    Help with size

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    Which one should I use next??

    Why don't you do what everybody else does and use them in rotation. It is not very nice for the siggy makers to have their work judged like this.
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    Frankie Jean is now an Angel

    I am so sorry
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    Vibes for crittermom needed

    Some more for Seth.
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    Vibes for Scotty please!!

    Lots of for Scotty and some more for you.