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  5. nap time

    nap time

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    The sick Kitten

    Hello my cat loving friends... An update on the barn cats... We have three surviving felines who have moved from the barn to the woodpile next to the house.  The woodpile is next to the fence where the sheepdogs scare away any predators.  I have found a dewormer for kittens but am going to wait...
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    The sick Kitten

    Thank you! 
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    The sick Kitten

    HELP! ​Argh! It's happening again!!  The third little kitten to succumb to death.  What could possibly be wrong and is there something I can do? The local  vet won't be open until monday and I'm 4 hours away anyway. They are at least 5 or 6 weeks old now.  They seem fine one day and the next...
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  12. Mango Tango Shew

    Mango Tango Shew

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    Comment by 'amyscat' in article 'How To Set Healthy Boundaries For Your Cat'

    Hey!  This is very helpful, full of links even... I like this site... I do!
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    How to tell if a feral is neutered.

    This post has me laughing, funnier still that I'm reading it to learn more.   I recently picked up a very friendly cat on my friends farm.  I checked to see...He or She and it took me a minute to figure it out lol.  Most likely because I've never payed attention before.  It was a boy and I...
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