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    Toy safety

    I've actually never had an issue of the catnip losing it's scent, based on my cats reactions it seems to kind of refresh the catnip at least for the first couple washes. :dunno: Maybe it depends on the quality of the catnip to begin with. If it does seem to lose it's scent you can always buy...
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    Toy safety

    I keep them till they fall apart. I just toss them in the washer inside a zippered washing bag when they get dirty. If they don't survive then they get tossed but most come out clean and good as new.
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    Describing Burdock's color

    Looks like a brown classic tabby to me.
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    Burnt paw from stove

    It doesn't look too bad, I've had my cats jump on my wood stove over the years. :sigh: The last time I was told to just let it heal, but also used some Vetericyn on it, and it healed much faster. The only problem was holding the cat still for about 5 minutes or so for it to dry, it's safe even...
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    Post-Neutering Recovery

    I had three male kittens done in February two that each had an undescended testicle, and honestly it was really no different in terms of recovery. The biggest difference (aside from price) was their bellies were shaved not just the balls and one had two incisions to keep an eye on the other had...
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    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month - May 2020 - Slightly rude cats (either posture or attitude)

    Rogue sticking her tongue out to ruin the pic, but in doing so ending up looking so cute, lol.
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    Leaving cats in car overnight?

    That is what I would do, just sleep in the car with the cats, that way you know they are ok, not too hot, not too cold, etc. Just make sure you put them in the carrier before you or anyone else opens any of the car doors, ideally keep the doors locked whenever the cats are out so someone can't...
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    Kitten biting and kneading

    Is he neutered? If not he could just be feeling urges due to hormones and it being spring time.
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    Fostering failed, I'm keeping the kittens so I'll share their cuteness

    Oh my I've really been slacking on photos. The world kinda went twilight zone there but they kittens are still here and still getting bigger, lol. Here are some March pics Marble Marble and Brownie Rogue Draco Gremlin Some April pics including the kittens checking out the catio for...
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    New cat mom suffering cat food confusion

    One of the best places to look to compare commercial cat foods is CatFoodDB - Cat Food Reviews to help you find the best cat food for your cat it gives an unbiased review purely based on ingredients and you can compare foods. It has lists for best wet foods and for best dry foods, and explains...
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    Nails + refusing to use scratching post

    I would try different kinds of scratching posts, different cats like different material. I would try wrapping that post you posted in some rope, try sisal or jute, or maybe even both one half way up then the other. Also some cats prefer horizontal scratchers others vertical. You can also try...
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    My Female cat is mean to my Aunts twin males

    I'm a little confused, are you living in an apartment that is separate from your aunts house or is your aunt's house the apartment that you share? If you are living with your aunt how long did you take to do intros with the cats? Was she kept in a room at all when you first brought her there or...
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    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month - April 2020 - Cats and your accessories

    Gremlin boot diving while her brothers Draco and Brownie stand guard. :crackup:They like to use our shoes and boots to drop toys into and then drive into to retrieve.
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    What is your favourite breed of cat?

    My favorite breed would be Maine coon, but I also would love to have an Abyssinian or a Somali one day. Most of the cats I have are just domestic short hairs though.
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    The Birthday Thread 2020

    A day late posting, but Coon turned 14 yesterday. He is becoming a grumpy old man, but more in a grumpy old grandpa kind of way with when dealing with the kittens. I think he has learned that if he is nice to them they share their wet food, lol.