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    Does my kitten have breathing problems?

    My three month old Kitten has this unique quiet snort. But only when he's awake. I'm worried he may have breathing problems... Is this normal for some cats? 
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    Confused/Concerned... New Kitten...

    Thank you! She stopped being so rough with the little guy, They do play more now though.
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    Confused/Concerned... New Kitten...

    She's a very sweet baby girl and I do love her I just worry about Kamina being injured. He's always asleep next to me so when Alphonse jumps up to start grooming him it's pretty simple to watch them. My kitten doesn't leave my side much, he's pretty attached to me. Thank you for your help too. 
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    Confused/Concerned... New Kitten...

    Okay... I just got a new Kitten and Alphonse is completely cool with him and Kamina (Ca-Mee-Nah) loves her right back but she's always had a licking problem where she grooms people/animals and now that there is a new kitten she just grooms him... But recently while grooming him, if he tries to...
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  8. Kamina (Ca-Mee-Nah)

    Kamina (Ca-Mee-Nah)

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    I have a kitten! and it's hard to describe the little guy...

    So he could be a Turkish Van even though he's a short hair? That's really neat! Thank you so much for helping me!
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    I have a kitten! and it's hard to describe the little guy...

    My owner just got me a baby brother! His name is Kamina (Ca-Mee-Nah) and he's really cute but he's hard to describe...   His whole family has similar markings I thought maybe it was a special breed Kitty but i can't find him anywhere! They all have a butterfly-like head marking. My little...
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