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    Why are my cats eating the ants?

    Please doesn't anyone have anything to say about this!? No thoughts, advise or insights! :rub: :Daisy:
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    Why are my cats eating the ants?

    Why do my cats continue to eat the ants that they find around the house? Can this be harmful to them? What if the ant that they eat has eaten poison from an ant trap, can this harm the cat?
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    Comment by 'alexis keefe' in article 'Turkish Angora Cats'

    Not sure how close they are to Turkish van, but I found a pure bred Turkish van at the OSPCA. She was sent to Pet Valu for a while where no one wanted her so she was sent back to the shelter. I would love to know more about Turkish van and relation to Turkish angora.
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    This Hope & Faith. Rarely sleeping together! :Daisy Petal:
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