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    Neverending dental health problems...

    When my cat went for her well check at 4 years the vet told me she needed a cleaning. I was skeptical until she showed me Ailish's teeth - totally black. I was floored (and embarrassed). I thought only old cats had horrible teeth. According to the vet, how fast they build up plaque is...
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    Neutering Anxiety? Is it necessary?

    Ailish drank water when I adopted her, but since I changed her diet to wet she never drinks. I add water to her food, which she happily consumes. My personal, anecdotal belief is that it's not that most cats don't like water, they don't like plain water. Ailish will drink any amount of water...
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    Neutering Anxiety? Is it necessary?

    My 5-year-old female is spayed and is not fat or lazy. I don't free feed and feed her a set amount of calories each day. She's small, nine pounds, and we have stuck to that weight since she was two. Vet says nothing over ten pounds for her. I feed good quality wet and very few treats. She...
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    Rethinking Neuter

    I have been a cat parent for only a few years now and I do not have children. I had (still have a little) great anxiety at taking Ailish to the vet because it is obviously very stressful for her. It hurt me to see her so unhappy because of what I was doing. I remind myself that even though it...
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    Fresh Step litter very dusty.

    I use Fresh Step Ultra Unscented and yes, I find it to be a total dust cloud. However, I smell NO odor ever, my cat never fails to use it, so I deal with the cloud.
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    Is there any cure for a stinky litter box?

    How deep is the litter in your box? I use FreshStep and clean the box once a day and I smell nothing ever. Every now and then a smelly poop, but that goes away in a couple minutes. Do your cats cover when they're done? Maybe that's it. Not that you can do anything about that.
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    Variety in wet food?

    I switch between brands, textures and proteins with each can. Ailish doesn't mind, and in fact, prefers variety. She starts getting picky if I feed her two of the same cans in a row. I did get some food back when I quickly switched her one meal of dry food after I felt that the original was...
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    Cat hit by car and on pain meds. Doing on but no poop for 5 days

    Not to mention the fact that she's probably getting zero exercise to keep systems moving. If vet is informed and on top of it I'd probably go with that for the near future.
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    New Rawz Food

    I agree. I feed Ailish 35-40 calories a meal and none of the pouches work for that. They would leave me with some odd amount for a second or third meal from the pouch and no way to conveniently store it. With a can you can refrigerate the left over amount with a snap-on lid and mix it with...
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    Warming up Wet Food?

    I microwave a serving of cat food to a warm temperature (8 seconds) 3 times a day and the microwave doesn't smell at all like cat food. I'd use the microwave. What the other people don't know won't hurt them.
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    Dental Cleaning

    I just had Ailish done. She is 4 years old and her teeth were black. Apparently, cats vary widely in their need for dental cleaning. I would agree that if the vet doesn't recommend it, don't do. My experience - they gave me an upfront itemization of how much it would cost. They gave me a...
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    My cats smell really bad and my mom is about to get rid of them

    When I think smell I think litter and food. I also like the suggestion that SOMEone is not using the box. When I got Ailish she was on cheap dry food. Poop smelled two rooms away. I thought nothing of it, cat poop stinks, but then I changed to not-so-cheap wet food smell. Unless...
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    Cat scratching face like crazy

    Ailish got very scratchy around her neck about 6 months after I got her. She had raised red bumps. Took her to the vet and after two courses of antibiotics she was fine and has been for several years. They checked for both fleas and ringworm, neither of which were the problem. I did an...
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    Why not fish-based food?

    I can second the "I only want fish" syndrome. My cat is not picky. For a couple years I fed no fish, but then I started to let some in. She seemed to like it, I want to feed my cat what she likes - soon it was about half fish to half non-fish. At some point I reached a tipping point and...
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    Cat has strange looking bald spot

    Not that this will be of any help, but I am currently having a skin issue with Ailish. Went to the vet and they apparently have a light they can shine on a lesion and it lights up green if it is ringworm. No green for Ailish, so that was a relief. I don't think they know exactly what some of...