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    My initial response would be to have a vet look at her. Based on my experience, when my cat started to throw up undigested dry food frequently I pitched the food and switched brands and she never threw up again for a year. She doesn't get a lot of dry food, so that was an easy fix. Yes, she...
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    How does everyone bath their cat

    I pray every night that I never have to give Ailish a bath. She's six and so far so good. She hates water with the white hot intensity of a 1000 suns. In fact, she treats water like it has the white hot intensity of a 1000 suns. I would probably get another person to assist, wear military...
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    My cat has a yellow colour on his fur

    Interesting call there. I never would have thought of that.
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    Cat Litter Advice

    I use Fresh Step Unscented. It is a tad dusty. but I can live with it. Never smells, it doesn't track that bad, the cat likes it... Can't ask for more than that. I've used Arm & Hammer and I agree, it smells. Not like cat poop, but like clay.
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    Changing diet for a junk food cat

    Can you mix what he likes with what he doesn't? I have found that with Ailish if there's a food she won't touch, instead of wasting it I mix it with her favorite, Weruva's Mideast Feast. She's never had any problem eating what she previously turned her nose up at when I do that. Then slowly...
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    Changing diet for a junk food cat

    I thought my cat, who isn't a picky eater, was the only cat on the planet who doesn't like TikiCat. Never has, apparently never will. Seafood or non-seafood.
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    Changing diet for a junk food cat

    I have found that Instinct and Merrick Limited Ingredient food to be fairly dry as wet foods go. Also Ziwipeak, which is harder to find, and Feline Natural which according to my pet food store is having distribution problems. Merrick is available at Pet Smart if you don't have a good pet food...
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    What Do You Feed Your Cat?

    Ailish, age 6, indoor cat weighing in at 9 lbs. 5:30a - 40 cals/Weruva, Instinct, Farmina, Merrick, Fussie Cat wet food w/water added 4:30p - 40 cals/same 9:30p - 40 cals/same 2:30a - 1/8 cup Farmina Chick & Turkey dry When I don't work anymore we will NOT be eating breakfast at that hour, but...
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    Cats significantly fatter after vacation

    If you think your cats gained weight due to extra treats, if you cut out extra treats they should return to their previous weight. Maybe it was extra treats plus less activity when you weren't home.
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    Fromm pet food opinions?

    I've used Fromm and thought it was good food. However, Ailish isn't partial to it, I have no idea why, as she's not picky. If I had to guess I might say that it is too bland for her. She likes food that smells bad, the badder the batter. She'll eat Fromm happily if I mix Weruva Mideast...
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    the right amount of food

    You can't feed cats by the can because they have wildly different calories per can. You have to figure out the calories per ounce of whatever you are feeding them.
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    How much to feed spayed 10 month old?

    My cat is 9 lbs and spayed. She is an indoor cat, but not inactive I maintain her at 40 cals per meal, 4 meals a day. It would be unusual for her to eat 6 ozs a day, but it depends on the food. Cat food has a wide variety of cal/oz. I feed anywhere from 1.2 - 2.2oz to make a 40 calorie...
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    Cat pukes dry food, no issues with wet?

    Ailish went through this period of vomiting a stomach full of dry food many hours after she ate it. It was undigested. She ate that food for at least six months before this started with no problem whatsoever. Wet food, her main food, was not a problem. I took that bag of dry food and chucked...
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    Cat not drinking water at all

    When I got my cat from the rescue she was on dry food and drank fairly often. I switched her to 3 out of 4 meals wet food and added water to that. Since then I have never seen her drink water and that was four years ago. I give her clean water twice a day. The fact that she happily laps up...
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    Rice like pieces in hairball vomit (worms?) but nothing in feces?

    No worming of a cat is going to last 4 years if he encounters worm eggs. I would take him to a vet along with a fecal sample and a hairball sample if you can get one. Different worms are treated somewhat differently, so it helps to know what you're dealing with.