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    Dental Every Year?

    You aren't being overly anxious, we all worry about our fur babies. I personally hate putting my kitties under for any reason at all. Going to the vet almost always puts stress on your cat, I understand that. I would ask the vet if there was any way to slow down the disease so you wouldn't have...
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    What Is The Next New Cat Food You Want To Try?

    I normally stick to Blue Wilderness for both of my cats, but if they run out too quick, I drop by the drug store and pick up some Fancy Feast, which they like more than the healthy stuff for some reason.
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    Does Anyone Else Give Their Cats Nicknames?

    Jasper: Jazz Jazzy Little Sh*t (In a loving way of course. :)) Shorty Baby Boy Tiny Jazza Jinx Echo: Chunky Chonks Ecchi Egger (He stole my omelet one time, so he earned this one.) Lil Devil Luci-purr Stinker
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    My Cat Had Blood Around Anus, What Is Causing It?

    Welcome to TCS. Yes, bit of a late welcome. Cats are extremely good at hiding pain. The thing that is really confusing me is that there was no blood in the stool. It's important to note that both constipation and diarrhea can cause blood in the stool of cats. Bright red blood without either...
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    Please Help! I Think I Injured My Cat's Tail

    Ouch, poor kitty. That sounded painful! Please do take him to the vet, a popping sound could be many things, one of them being a dislocated tail or a broken tail. Even if your kitty doesn't show signs of pain, they can't speak English, obviously. Let us know if you have any updates.
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    16 Month Old Male Kitten Randomly Whining Through Night???

    I do not believe so, although I would ask the vet.
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    16 Month Old Male Kitten Randomly Whining Through Night???

    No, I do not believe that anything that I listed will go away on its own. You should DEFINITELY neuter him if you can. Here are a few links that could help you with some knowledge. How Much Does It Cost To Get A Cat Fixed No Money For Vet Care? How To Find Help And Save Your Cat's Life
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    16 Month Old Male Kitten Randomly Whining Through Night???

    Hello. Sneezing while sleeping could possibly just be your kitty dreaming. Sneezing is normal but keep an eye out for excessive sneezing, common causes of sneezing is associated with a respiratory infection, most often a viral infection. Likely infectious diseases include: Herpes virus...
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    Cone Of Shame Not Helping :( Please Help

    I would leave it as it is, she's a beaut by the way. ;) If you can find a way to distract her for a few hours so she doesn't start to rub the abscess with her cone, a trick I use to distract my kitties is letting them play on my Ipad. They watch movies as well. Wounds get extremely itchy when...
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    Comment by 'Aieko' in article 'How To Choose The Best Toy For Your Cat'

    Echo loves the catnip infused banana, he tore it apart to the point where I had to buy a new one. He's a bit crazy when it comes to catnip. ;)
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    Help! Kitten/pregnant Cat!

    Here you all go. Pretty cute. I wanted to keep them so bad but Echo and Jasper would not be happy.
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    Help! Kitten/pregnant Cat!

    Thank you all for the continuous support, I really appreciate it. I'll have the photos within a few moments.
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    Normal For Cat's Nose To Change Color?

    I agree with @FeebysOwner , it appears that she's just going through a color change. She's very cute. I might just steal her. ;):p
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    Pickle Cat

    My cats smell like dryer sheets, they hop into the dryer and lay in it. I've grown used to it and now I just check it each time. Is your cat an outside cat? Could he be escaping and getting into something that smells like pickles? As everyone else said, if you cannot figure out what makes your...