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    Hi :)

    Hey hey hey everyone!!! So it's been a go jillion months since I've popped in. Always lurking when I have a chance but having a phone out is dangerous with queen crazy. She sees a phone out and wants it lol. Well munchkin is gonna be eleven months old soon. Not walking yet but soon. She's a...
  2. My Ears Were

    My Ears Were

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    My Ears Were

    Shes just so dang cute...can you see why its hard for me to stop playing with her. LOL...Ok truth is when she finally lets me put her down for a nap because the little booger still wakes up 8 million times a night and REFUSES to sleep in her crib,,,,and shes almost at the weight limit for her...
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    My Ears Were

    Ok so not my ears but my cell. I just wanted to pop in and say hiya everyone :). First off thanks for even wondering where I was but things have been crazy for my tiny little family this fall and winter. First off we bought a house. About 5 minutes from our old house but its puuuuuuurfect. It...
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    She has arrived

    Thank you everyone. Sorry it took so long to get back. Things have been wonky lately but Emaleigh has been an angel, hardly saying boo to a ghost. Here are some pictures for you all.
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    She has arrived

    Miss Emaleigh Louise has arrived. Born yesterday at 12:47pm weighing in at a whopping 7 lbs 3 oz and 20.25 inches long. She has monster chubber cheekers and sooooooooooo much hair. Her daddy got to see her come out...haha the Dr tricked him and he is wrapped around her fingers. When I get on...
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    Update: Tomorrow is our final day of non gremlinness. :) however there has been a super crappy kink thrown into the plan. On friday i found out my dr is no longer a baby catcher due to another dr having a hissy fit. So i am now going to a newly remodeled hospital roughly an hour away. I like my...
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    Question of the day: Tues. June 19

    Droid 4 for me. Im a texter and its my internet. I have fried 3 droid x's and 1 incredible not allowed to have all touch screen phones anymore. Plus my kindle library became too much of an overload for my phones. Lol i loooooove getting new phones. Df has been converted to the iphone...