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    Tips for apartment cats!

    ahhhhhhhh same her for me and my 3 Be lost without them but I get no greets at door instead whats cookin DAD? we havent eaten for 2 hrs 43 minutes now.... If you ever want to wind up in the dog house? go away for 10 days. Even with my ex and her daughters company who she loved my first...
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    Pee issues

    Try only filtered water in non stainless wide shallow bowl. Mine dont like the taste of water in stainless steel. Chlorine must have a bad smell to certainly smells bad to me.. Also after using a little pump last year as they dont like thrie water just sitting there...they cry loud...
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    Cat likes to attack my legs

    This Calico was rescued at 4 weeks from a bad situation and it took about 18 months for her to finally stop shredding my legs and attempting to climb up my body, and also biting for no reason...just her being onry... and shes from two semi ferals They get scolded from their Momma cat as...
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    Should you wake up a cat with nightmares?

    I was helping a friend find low cost spay/neuter clinics in EXPENSIVE Northern Ca.Bay Area and I spent a long time but fouind $25-35 total cost for males and females. Try the links available at Alley Cat Allies in your area. They do wonderful things for community cats and feral colonies nationwide.
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    Should you wake up a cat with nightmares?

    I wake my deaf 19 yr old Tortie gal by putting a few chunks of dry food under her nose and in about 30 seconds shes wide awake. every time without fail . Its a way to feed her on the sly from this Calico glutten at left.....If you wanna go insane......have 3 cats with different food requirements...
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    Cat first time having blood and mucus in poop

    Same thing was happening to my female cat from ages 12-18 off and on and it freaked me out! Now that shes 19 she hasn't had any blood at all in her stool in past year or so and I think it was the dry food I was feeding her (1/3 of her diet then) It was Taste of The Wild dry and I think it had...
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    Why are cats so picky?

    I made a booboo....its .79 a can at Traders not .69 and lately a couple cans I bought sometimes gives my big guy the runs. I think in the heat wave it overheated in shipping. Talking about picky we had a flamepoint siamese who never ate a bite of wet food the entire time my girlfriend had her...
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    Why are cats so picky?

    That is hilarius about the catnip- turned -people eater big boycat on hard drugs... Catnip doesn't do much to my 15 huge old healthy boy but his girlfriends (3 and 19) attack him when they are nipped up. The 3 yr old likes to attack anything that moves and keeps the ole girl fit and active...
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    What's For Dinner? - 2020

    I quit eating pork after I held a pot belly pig pet and noticed the darn thing smelt better in the heat than I did! Pigs are so smart cute and clean that I will never be involved in their demise again. Don't get me wrong though.... they are DELICIOUS If cats could go vegan I'd be all over that...
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    Check This Out.... Chart For Cat Food Ingredients

    Wow thanks for all the info! I noticed montmorillinite clay in our cat food and thought it was a useless filler. Boy was I wrong! Its great for natural detox from all the toxics out there.
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    Please share your AminAvast kidney supplement experience vets welcome

    Its been about a month now on AminaVast for my 19 yr old Tortie who is slimming down and was slowing down a bit. All normal tests at vet last year and I want to keep it that way. This morning after I fed her the wet food with a capsule of AminaVast I noticed a bounce in her steps! Also 2...
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    Kitty L-Lysine on sale at Piping Rock for only $6.68 for 12 ounces powder!

    I haven't tried it yet but its on its way. Shipping takes a while to California and is only $3.95 per order. I don't work for this company but if you mention the code below they give me a little credit for future orders and the savings go into..... a low income senior's CAT care of 3 shelter...
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    Diagnosed with kidney failure.

    I would check all of her food sources for anything inflammatory like corn products.Also I think farmed salmon is very bad for pets and us and is loaded with toxic chemicals like PCBs on and on.They spray the overcrowded salmon holding pens with toxic chemicals to keep parasites at bay. I've...
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    Does an adult relocated feral need a friend?

    Having a single indoor cat in the eighties (my first cat) I did'nt realize how well cats do with a buddy and being gone a lot was not in her best interests. I think a female buddy for a male is best, and females have less health issues when they get old. heres some proof of a super bonded...