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    How often do you run your dishwasher?

    Whenever my husband picks up a dish... lol
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    Unique Cat Behvaior

    Hello, just curious. The vet ruled out any hearing loss? My friend has a howler and it has hearing loss. I have a plastic obsessed kitty I need answers for also. Although she's specific on what type.
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    okocat litter

    Let us know how your vet visit goes. I'm curious as my girl is having eating issues and is a bit over weight. I think I may try the litter. After I switched to world's best, they ran out in my store so I got a new type, arm and hammer naturals with purple label, and she acted like I was...
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    okocat litter

    I'm going through this now with one of my cats who only drinks from tub faucet. I was using A&M clump and slide and it would stick to her. I got worried, she was ingesting it and started using Worlds Best Cat litter. However, this doesn't really hold up well when litter box is in the...
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    Artie.....part 1

    I agree with all the above. You and Sweet Artie were meant to live together, trust each other and love each other unconditionally. Even though the time was shorter than hoped, the memories will last a lifetime. They certainly take a piece of us when they leave. I know for me, Artie became...
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    Cyst, Abscess, Or Cancer?

    Hello, if you have any doubts is it possible to get 2nd opinion? If it fills up, it makes sense to remove the sac. I would do research on the anesthesia. I'd be nervous also. Best of luck.
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    Making Our Cats A Tree House.

    Wow, that's awesome. My girls would love those. For now they'll have to settle on cat shelves, still in the designing phase.
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    Cat's Ears?

    I don't have much to add except for... adorable. My goodness what a sweetheart.
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    The New Wall Clock For The Bathroom....

    Love it, I love the key ring holder and the black cat clock too. Nice.
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    How Can I Help My Recently Adopted Cat To Adopt To My Home

    Awwwwwww, so sweet. She'll come around. Please remember, you can never post too many pictures:D
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    Oscar Our New Kitten, Sleeping With Our Female Pit Chloe Already

    I love it. The pics are so adorable. Very sweet family you have. Enjoy.
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    How Can I Help My Recently Adopted Cat To Adopt To My Home

    Awww, belly rub is a big deal. She will get used to her new home and all the new smells and sounds that come along with it. In time.:petcat:
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    How Can I Help My Recently Adopted Cat To Adopt To My Home

    Hello and welcome to TCS. I understand it's all too heartbreaking when we aren't loved back right away, but with much patience you will be her hero soon enough. I recently adopted two senior girls, sisters. One very loving and knew from the start this was a safe place, Dora didn't miss a...
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    My 'lil Mama's: Sweet Dora & Red Rose "rosy"

    Thanks @tarasgirl06 and @Elfilou - they're my sweethearts. I look forward to bringing their story up to date tomorrow. For now this ol gal is going to hunker down on the sofa, I feel a cold coming on, ugh. Thanks for all the positive responses. BELOW, DORA ENJOYING SOME LOVING. SHE'S SO...
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    Tera + 2 - 4

    No the avatar is my boy Simon the one who passed in 2016 from cancer. My girls are being featured on the homepage titled, Two seniors find their forever home:banana1:. The pic is of Rosy. Doras pic is in the post. You need an enclosed wheelbarrow.:D