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  1. Furballsmom
    @Jlibia you will want to post your question by starting a thread in this forum because that is where members will see your question; Describing Cats - What Does My Cat Look Like? Here's how to do...
  2. Jlibia
    Hopefully I’m doing this right. I adopted my kitty a year ago and was wondering what breed she resembles. [IMG] [IMG]
  3. basscat
    Fun AND...it's a pain as well. Mostly due to a couple of mistakes we made early on. 1) we should have bathed him immediately. There would have been no flea problem and he would have grown up...
  4. Feral Mom
    Ha, that is fascinating, thank you for info! Must be a lot of fun living with such an interesting cat!
  5. basscat
    He squeaks and whines like a puppy when he want's attention. He purrs when he's content (it can get really loud also..real loud). He "churdles" quite a bit when he's excited or happy. He barks...

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