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  • Tyrone
    Tyrone - Miniature Schnauzer: Tyrone (AKA: "Ty-Ty") was our family house dog. Ty was a character, that dog was! He was super intelligent (we...
  • Five Dogs on Point
    My father bred hunting dogs and this picture was taken, forty years ago, on a day when Dad took the dogs out to train. All five dogs are pointing...
  • K.C. Kitten
    K.C. was my very first cat. He didn't have a name, per se. Just initials. People would ask me what "K.C." stood for and I told them I didn't...
  • Spike
    We got Spike, the Van cat, from a friend who couldn't handle such a big, strong willed cat. Spike weighed twenty pounds but didn't have an ounce...
  • Reggie
    Reggie loved to play in the water. We taught him to retrieve a ball from under water. It didn't take much trying. Reggie seemed to be a...

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