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  1. AbbysMom
    I’m going to have to look into the purse organizer inserts for sure.
  2. Feral Mom
    Nice! do you use a purse organizer insert when moving from 1 purse to the next purse? I do, and i really love them, that way, everything is right where i expect to be in my purse day after day,...
  3. Feral Mom
    i looove this! I have never seen anyone do this before, i also love blue glass, and never know what to do with it! I bet it is enchanting in the sunlight. well done, you.
  4. AllyY
    [IMG] this is Kimi. She has no papers so i know she isnt a purebreed, bit i wonder if she has some similarity to any particular breed. Sje is so elegant and shy and loving, acts regal indoors and...
  5. AllyY
    @FallenOfTheStar so so beautiful. Im completely unprofessional, but really looks like the maine coone squarosh face.

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