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Reggie - Black Labrador Retriever
Reggie loved to play in the water. We taught him to retrieve a ball from under water. It didn't take much trying. Reggie seemed to be a natural.

Reggie also loved to chase fish. We took him down to the creek, one day, that happened to be at the height of the salmon run. We were playing in the water, fetching sticks and stuff when a big, rainbow trout went skittering by, through the shallows. Reggie took off after it!

Two minutes later, Reggie came trotting back with a big, slippery fish in his mouth, proud as can be! A moment later, a fisherman who happened to be about a hundred yards downstream came walking over. He reached into his vest and pulled out a badge. It was the Fish and Game Warden!

Oh, we got a "talking to" that day!

"You kids had better take that dog straight home and don't let me catch you down here, chasing fish again!"

We got off lucky!

Good thing our parents never found out! ;)

(Passed away from leukemia. - 1988.)
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